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    Determine MBps for RAID 1/0

    Both pools of disks will be in the same MSA so I have been purposely keeping network out of the equation. If I can just get transfer rate between the two pools bases of RPM, RAID and disk count, I can work in any variables after that. The (16) RAID 1/0 disks are: http://h30094.www3.hp.com/product/sku/10696974/mfg_partno/C8S61A The (16)RAID5 disks are: http://h30094.www3.hp.com/product.aspx?cache=1709033694&culture=en-US&sku=10696972 Thanks for your reply.
  2. Hello - Hopefuly someone here can help me. I am in the position where I need to write 2.5 TB of data from a pool of RAID1/0 16 (4+4) disks to a pool RAID5 (14+1) disks and I need to figure out how long this will take. The set up is an HP Server to an HP P2000. There is no network overhead of firewall between the source and target. Move: 2.5 TB of data From: RAID 1/0 (16 disks) @ 15K To: RAID 5 (16 Disks) @ 10K Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance