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  1. SCSI is probably best to avoid any hiccups in the data transfer. If you want SATA a more mature solution such as 3Ware or Adaptec may be a safer bet. Either way, set your stripe size larger. 1MB or greater for faster file streaming. Also, Windows 2003 Enterprise will use >4GB as file system cache even with normal Xeon processors.
  2. I fat-brained the vendor name. It's Securstar.
  3. Because anybody with physical access to the server can recover the EFS encryption key. Not good. Uh Huh. Check out SecurStor for protection from the boot prompt. Otherwise there are many vendors (including freebies) that provide container level encryption. You'll probably want to look at a "personal" encryption solution because most "enterprise" solutions have a back door. Keep in mind if you lose the password on a "personal" encrypted drive you're screwed. PGPDisk is a good one for container level encryption.
  4. ravton

    Need Advice On Stable Sata Raid5 Controller

    Like most vendors 3Ware pisses me off all the time but I don't think your spin on them is correct. Bullsh!t. This was only the very first 8500's that shipped and 3Ware REPLACED THE CONTROLLERS with no questions asked. How much more fixed can you get then that? I've never heard of the 66Mhz bus issue causing data loss. I have seen bad RAM cause what you describe but not the 66Mhz issue. Their firmware update fixed this for all of our systems (Intel based) since none needed the FREE 3Ware-supplied riser card. Either way, they fixed this sometime around the beginning of the year. I haven't worked with the 9000's yet, so no comment.[snip] Agreed! The P/SATA drives die at a considerably higher frequency then the SCSI drives, resulting in higher maint costs. I'm still waiting a RAID-6 (or other N+(2+) parity) SATA RAID controller to mitigate the risk with all these drives dieing. To sum up, I agree that 3Ware has had some hardware compatibility problems, but what I think they've done a really good job at is FIXING them. It's usually a hardware swap but they're very easy to deal with. Well, once you get past their TERRIBLE first level technical support. Actually I haven't talked to anybody since they completed the merger so I don't know if it's improved.
  5. ravton

    Raid 0:tips For Improving

    631MB/sec? That's 157MB/sec from each of the 4 drives sustained. And what card is doing that? Me think's this Troll is trying to fool somebody...
  6. ravton

    Smart - Imminent Failure !

    Western Digital has an advanced replacement program where they'll send you the replacement drive before you ship them the old one. There's no charge for this, they just need a credit card number in case you never return the failed drive. If it was my data I wouldn't wait. Back it up instantly. Stop reading these posts and back it up!
  7. ravton

    3ware Vocal Alert

    Once past the inept first-level guy (only a single person last time I checked), I've found 3Ware's technical support to be pretty good. Email or call them and ask. If under Linux it's trivial to setup a local mailbox that would alert via audio or visual means. If under Windows you can do the same thing but it would be harder. Perhaps a small smtp/pop server running local and then a popmail checker (for the audio alert)? A kludge but it'd work...
  8. That would be. http://linux-iscsi.sourceforge.net/ Nah, that's for a iSCSI initiator. A linux-based iSCSI target would (will?) be the cats meow.
  9. My hat goes off to early adopters. Beta testing a software iSCSI implementation? I hope you have good backups... Speaking of which, has anybody seen a mainstream supplier do the same? I looked for a linux implementation but haven't been paying attention. Now, THAT would be cool.
  10. ravton

    Fs: 640gb Raid Array

    !!SOLD!! Hmm... - Sure wish I could edit to make it easier to tell...
  11. I have a 640GB RAID-0 array that I'm finally done with. It's wicked fast with read numbers around 190MB/sec and writes at about 90MB/sec. It's so fast because it's made up of 8 WD800 drives which the 3Ware controller excels at distributing the load amonst. So the components are: 3Ware 8-port RAID controller 8 x WD800's 8 ATA cables It's 8 drives so please make sure you have the space for them. The smaller drives like these don't require as much power as the big drives and I've had no problem running them with a 350W power supply. If you're interested in fewer drives let me know. I can sell the rest off on eBay. Feel free to email me at ravton@yahoo.com
  12. ravton

    Raid 1+0 On Two Drives?

    This is correct and I've had the same issue with Compaq. I hope the people designing the RAID firmware know more then the people doing the UI Interface. Hmm, I wonder if it saves some dumb support calls. "I have two drives and it won't let me do RAID 1+0! Whats wrong???"
  13. The obvious followup question is: When will the WD740 article/benchmarks be updated with the new (MUCH) slower results? I seem to recall something like this before with WD. Is this right or am I recalling incorrectly? Does StorageReview update this or continue with the vendor-supplied drives?
  14. ravton

    Raid 1 On A Budget

    I think you need a primer on RAID. RAID 1 writing is about the same as non-raid since writes happen simulanteously. In general, reading is about the same as RAID 0, which is twice as fast as a single drive. As always there are exceptions (like two drives on a single PATA channel) or a stoopid RAID controller.
  15. ravton

    Raid 1 On A Budget

    Depends. Usually it just errors out and the drive goes offline, but like anything, if certain hardware failures occur then the system locks up. I've seen this happen with Software RAID, Adaptec RAID and 3Ware RAID. YMMV. If you're rebuilding with a new drive you need to do it manually through the built-in Windows Disk Management. If you just need to remirror, that is done automatically. It's very, very, very simple.
  16. ravton

    Raid 1 On A Budget

    One drive per controller, else performance will suffer. Thank you for your time, Frank Russo One drive per channel. I assume that's what the previous poster meant.
  17. You'd be better served by spending this money on real RAM and avoiding ever hitting swap. Without knowing anything about your software, on most systems the Temp directory only gets used when installing stuff. Your CAD system may be different though.
  18. ravton

    Raid 1 On A Budget

    The 3ware 5800 is ancient, (first generation, now on fourth) and IIRC is an ATA-33 card. 3ware has the complete manual online which has details on drive sizes supported, etc. The latest drivers are 4 years old. If you're just mirroring two drives, stick with the software RAID. It's fast and simple.
  19. ravton

    Fs: Wd 2500jb Hard Drive

    True, but new ones come with a 3-year warranty and not your 1-year. $24 for 3x the warranty is probably worth it which is why it may not be selling. eBayers are selling for less too. Good drive tho. Good luck.
  20. ravton

    Good Sata Raid 5 Controller

    I should add that you have the same issue with 66Mhz 32-bit cards. Look for a Universal card and not a 3.3V only one. 66Mhz 3.3V only cards are common as 66Mhz operation is not possible at 5V. === ========= === (32-bit 3.3v and 5V) === ============= (32-bit 3.3v-only)
  21. ravton

    Good Sata Raid 5 Controller

    Not exactly. You must make sure that the 64-bit PCI or PCI-X card is a "Universal" design that will plug into a 32-bit slot keyed for 5V. Many new cards do not fit this category. You can tell a universal card (all 64-bit here) by looking at the card edge. A universal looks like: === ========= === ======= (64-bit 3.3v and 5V) While a 3.3V only card looks like: === ============= ======= (64-bit 3.3v-only) The 3Ware cards are universal. I don't know about any others.
  22. I've used many of the 6000 and 7000 controllers and haven't had a problem in a very very long time. I've lost more drives then I can count and the 3ware controllers have pretty much worked flawlessly. I've never seen an error not reported. Have you upgraded to the latest version of firmware? The latest 6000 firmware added some great new features and resolved some annoyances. Have you contacted tech support? They've solved every problem I've ever called them with. One time they even generated custom firmware for me.
  23. ravton

    Is it safe to cut SCSI cables?

    I've done this dozens of times. I get cleaner cuts with a good pair of scissors then a razor blade. Never a single problem.
  24. ravton

    1 Terabyte home pc advice

    Um... Actually all the 3Ware cards support ATA133 and drives > 128GB. It was just a firmware upgrade for older cards.
  25. ravton

    New from 3ware... serial ATA!

    Sweet! I'd rather see a 12 channel SATA with include IDE/SATA converters though. It's hard enough running 8 cables to the 7800's. 12 would be miserable.