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    1TB recommendation (performance)

    continuum, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it is a WHS for my home LAN. It will backup two PCs only. I will typically want to transfer large files (>8GB) or a large # of small files to this server and want something that can handle the transfer speed efficiently. When this is happening, I will probably be the only one writing to the server. Also, WHS appears to be trashing the disk alll the time "balancing storage" and so forth.... So, knowing this info, do you think the samsung should still be able to do the job faster? Yes, that is a critical piece of info. How many users will be accessing the file server at the same time? Are they heavy users with constant datastreams or just occasional access (even 1 request every few seconds is occasional at best). If it's for a small office the Samsung F1 will probably still be faster, but if you've got 10 or 20 concurrent sessions running then the ES.2 would probably be faster. edit: just noticed you mean a WHS box. If this sucker is just serving your home LAN, the F1 should be faster.
  2. BigCat

    1TB recommendation (performance)

    Thanks Garfield_the_Cat. Based on those numbers, would the SB ES.2 perhaps give better performance in a file server environment? I guess that's where I am not very clear.
  3. I am shopping for a 1 TB drive and not sure what to get. The performance DB here shows the 4 drives below. I already have a WD10EACS and don't like it. What would be the best choice in terms of performance. From just looking at the performance DB benchmarks, the first three (perhaps the first two) appear to be real good. Not sure how many people use Samsung drives. The drive I am looking for will be the main system drive on a windows home server box. It seems the current drive I have can't write fast enough when getting data from a gigabit lan. Thanks Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 with NCQ (1000 GB SATA) : HDS721010KLA330 Seagate Barracuda ES.2 with NCQ (1000 GB SATA) : ST31000340NS Samsung Spinpoint F1 with NCQ (1000 GB SATA) : HD103UJ Western Digital Caviar GP WD10EACS with NCQ (1000 GB SATA) : WD10EACS
  4. Thanks. I'll email them to see what they have to say.
  5. Yes, that's what I am thinking. Not sure where to get the firmwares from tho. I am searching. No luck so far. thanks
  6. I have a WD SATA drive that was removed from a DVR and apparently it needs a "special" command to spin up. Works fine on the DVR but won't spin up when connected to a PC. The GParted live CD reports the drive model correctly but reports a "failure to spin up".
  7. Folks, Could anybody familiar with this board (Asus P4C800-E Deluxe) provide some advice on the "best" possible way to connect the following 5 devices: - (2) 74GB Raptors (SATA of course) - (2) 80GB Maxtors DM9+ (PATA) - (1) CD/DVD burner OS will be XP. Mainly for development. Will play games occasionally. Will video capture/edit as well. This board offers, in addition to the 2 UltraDMA 100 channels: 2 SATA on ICHR5 2 SATA on Promise 1 PATA 133 on Promise I dont want to use PATA<->SATA connectors so Maxtors must be in PATA and Raptors on PATA. Thanks
  8. BigCat

    3ware new drivers....Great!

    sorry, honold did not like my signature and had to remove it. I have two Maxtors DM9+ 80GB 8MB cache in RAID0 using the 3ware 7000-2 controller. Asus P4PE, 2.4BGhz CPU@2.7Ghz, 512MB DDR. My write scores and file copy in general used to be very slow, due to the "SCSI bug in XP" I was told? these drivers are doing the magic now, at least for me.
  9. 3ware posted new firmware and drivers release 7.6..... and my atto write score went from 17K to 97K... way cool!!! I tested the new drivers in XP SP1 and Server2003, same scores... Thanks 3ware
  10. If your "OS" is WinXP, go with Promise. Any other OS, go with 3ware
  11. BigCat

    WD Raptor power connector

    i believe this drive has both types of power connectors, molex and sata, so you dont need a power adapter
  12. Pradeep, I have a 3ware ide raid card. shows up as scsi drive in XP and server 2003. write performance sucks. again, advanced performance option does not show up in server 2003 (actually, everything is greyed out in this tab)
  13. I have quite the same problem. Write caching seems selected (greyed out though, so the "advanced performance" option does not show up)
  14. hey Staudie, are the ones from widgetsinc OEM or retail? I sent them email and never replied. I am guessing they are OEM since they want to include the power adapter for an additional fee. I was told the retail drive comes with the power adapter is that right?