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  1. I keep retired drives until they die. I even have an old IBM 3.2GB drive in an external usb case(never use it though, since thumbs drives are far more convenient). I have friends and family with computers built using my old hardware with various old drives in them, including some IBM 75GXP's. Yes, those IBM 75GXP drives are still in use to this day!
  2. Picard

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Well, this is good news. I used to frequent Storage Review, and this forum, until the site became a ghost town, as some have said. I sure hope it does come back, as good or better than it once was. I miss some of the arguments;)
  3. Picard

    Should I RAID?

    You ask about RAID 0 here? I say that's flamebait. I vote for BAN Don't listen to these no-raid-0-goonies. Try it, you will like it. And post your question at a forum where users have experience with raid 0.
  4. Picard

    Liberals Claim 1st Amendment Right But Deny Same

    Hey device guy, you keep spouting this crap. Thank the liberals that you are allowed to do so.
  5. Picard

    Important Clinton Facts To Remember

  6. Picard

    Important Clinton Facts To Remember

    How gullible people are. Here a list of alledged "facts" but no sources credited. It bogus guys.
  7. Don't you be saying this crap to your republican friends, they would accuse you of being a liberal and kick you out. One little correction. GM last year got more money from the Government in Grants and tax subsidies than was paid out for welfare recipents over the last twenty years. Also, unemployment is paid for by businesses, not tax money. The government just administers it. http://www.corporations.org/welfare/ http://www.progress.org/banneker/cw.html http://www.citizen.org/congress/welfare/index.cfm
  8. Picard


    Oh, and I should have put somethink like this there to show I was joking:
  9. Picard


    Picard it's a new member, chill. Sorry about Picard he is very eager to jump on people neglecting common courtesy, his posts are puerile and usually absurd, allow me to apologize. Welcome to SR, many of us are very helpful, expert, and friendly techs. 210318[/snapback] And who are you quoting here. You have not been here long enough to know me so well.
  10. Picard

    RAID 0 Question

    I was kidding.
  11. Picard

    R.I.P America

    Well stynx, I think everybody knows about the Patriot act and how it stomps all over the right to privacy. There have been many stories in the news about people being arrested for speaking their mind. Don't get caught wearing a t-shirt with a message on it being critical of Bush in a public place, you will go to jail. Didn't there used to be an ammendmant guarenteeing free speech. It seem so long ago, I can'd recall. Many have also heard about people being arrested without charge. Just the other day, a 16-Year-old girl here in Michigan was arrested while waiting in a public place for her mother to pick her up simply because she had no ID on her. Cops now can make there own rules, it seems, since there is no law requiring citizen's to carry ID(Don't confuse this with licenses for oprating equipment). The Supreme court ruled just recently that local governments(as in city, but of course applies to levels of government) can take any land they want, and not just for public use, but even to then sell to private parties. This is all general knowledge. If you would just read the news occasionally, you might become enlightened the world in which you live.
  12. Picard

    R.I.P America

    styx looks like a homophobe. You know what homophobe's are really afraid of, don't ya? This notion that liberals would stand against the burning the rainbow flag is very silly. Liberal means free, numbnuts? Liberals support free expressions. It's those darn elitist conservative republicans that are working to take freedom, aka liberty, away. Here styx, read the definition of Liberal: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=liberal&db=* I still don't see how one blow job is worse than 10's of thousands of inoccent lives destroyed in an alledged war on oil, er..I mean terror.
  13. Picard


    Looks like troll bait. I vote for ban
  14. Of course I'm not serious. Except that I do think bush and is the most evil person ever to run this country. But apacolypse? No, just food for thought. Hence the link to the definition of gullible for styx
  15. Picard


    Just one little correction. Our govenment needs to represent all the people, not just the majority. When one group rules over another, that is not democracy, that is communism, in the former Soviet Union sense. I hate to think that is where we are headed, though there is a lot of ugly out there. Given that the topic is not serious, have a grain of salt.