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    Nexsan or HP Storage?

    Hi Brian, We are looking for a 20 tb SAS and 10 tb sata disk options for our vmware, Oracle and backup requirements. We have some approved vendor list (which is a complex procurement process) we had considered EMC, NetApp, IBM. Though impressed by NetApp, they were pretty expensive and we didnt feel the need for their unified storage for the moment. Our global teams had a bad rapport with EMC and so they were out as well. So we've come down to these choices. One quick question. Nexsan and HP pretty much boast about combining SSD/SAS and SATA disks in the same system (HP P2000 doesnt do SSD). Could you help me understand if this is a good practice? Based on my limited knowledge, its always good to create raid groups for similar disk types. How can creating a raid group with SAS and SSD disks be helpful in terms of performance? Thanks for your patience. Regards, Dan.
  2. dan2486

    Nexsan or HP Storage?

    Hi Brian, this is a very interesting point that you've touched upon. So P2000 supports only SAS disks on the controller bay? for provisioning SATA disks, will we have to go for a new disk shelf? Could you please elaborate a little more on the above? Thanks in advance. -Dan
  3. dan2486

    Nexsan or HP Storage?

    Dear Brian, It would be pure disk array without flash. Lets hope someone does have some differentiator points between the two
  4. Hello, Our organisation is looking into buying a storage (FC/iSCSi) to setup our new branch office. Currently based on our commercials and requirements, the options have come down to 1. HP MSA P2000 G3 (FC/iSCSi combo array) dual controller and 2. Nexsan E48 series (FC/iscsi ports) dual controller We are highly impressed by the above two products and they seem similar feature wise as well. It would be highly appreciated if some of the veterans out here could point out some major differences between the above two which would help us make the correct decision. Pricing is no more a factor with the above two, as it has now all come down to make a selection. Regards, Dan