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  1. So, I've been out of the computer bit for a couple years, now everything is cheap and giant and I can't decide how to make the best use of it. I have a pair of 2TB WD blacks, a 7200.14 Seagate 3TB, and a 1TB 6th gen WD Raptor. And a random old-faithful 1TB Hitachi. My current setup and train of thought, involves the Raptor as my primary drive split between Windows 7 and Mint 15, which was a circus trying to setup dual boot being that they slipped UEFI in on me since the last time I built a computer. I got 7 to install i legacy bios mode, somehow, and reinstalled GRUB2 and they booth boot happily now. So anyway.. The 3TB Seagate drive, which appears to be faster than the WD black 2TB's, and cheaper, is doing /Home for linux and game/programs for Win7. I split it not quite 50/50 so I could keep linux on Ext4 and 7 on NTFS. That much seems to have worked out pretty well. It isn't SSD fast, and that was my choice, but it's plenty quick for what I do. I ordered on a whim an old 3ware 9650se-2LP, thinking I'll mirror the two 2TB WD blacks to have for storage and backup from my user files off 7 and Mint, and I'll back them up less often off that to an external drive, but if one craps out having a mirror will hopefully save me loosing my butt. So... Am I missing anything particular? I thought about buying another 3TB and maybe using the onboard RAID (990FX Sabertooth board) to stripe em, or even mirror em, for /Home and games/programs, but I don't especially need the space right now. But it's cheap enough. I bought the RAID card since it was a quality part, and $50 shipped, but I'm slightly concerned about it's age re: drivers and such. I'll find out shortly I guess. I was apprehensive about using the onboard RAID for my short-medium term storage drives since I couldn't find anyone that would tell me if a drive or the board failed, I would be able to take one half of that mirror and plug it in another computer and have it be readable. I'm not especially expecting that with the 3ware, but it is easy to find and cheap if the worst happens. If anyone has any other thoughts on the SB950 onboard RAID in general I'd like to hear it, most of the opinions I find online are bordering on juvenile. I thought about spending a lot more on a RAID card and additional drives, but six is about my limit for physically installing in my case, and again I don't really need that. But it would be fun. Anything jump out as less than optimal to anyone? Suggestions? I loooove the Raptor, I had a pair of the very first ones years ago in a stripe set and used to talk junk to my budy with the $$$$ U160 setup. They have sentimental value. I think I'm OK on overal space at the moment, but faster or more reliable never hurt anything but ones wallet. Suggestions?