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  1. are you dreaming? lol besides, samsung 840 pro and evo are now crap and its proven. im just waiting for samsung 850 pro to see if there are any improvements.
  2. i guess people are too lazy to look into things, unfortunately the experts at tweaktown says the opposite
  3. "SSDs with controllers from the likes of performance basement dwellers like Phison and JMicron, the same goes for Corsair's latest release with Silicon Motion" I'd like to correct that both Phison and Silicon Motion are great controller. Phison has by far the best compressible file read/write performance than even sandforce and silicon motion SSD runs off half the channels as other SSD and still achieve similar performance. in the end it all dependent on how you use the drive, real world should be more flexible than just which one is fastest. the companies listed are correct, but I for one wouldn't buy a samsung SSD because are just cheap overclocked controller and flash and using the SLC design from sandisk to gain higher benchmark result in order to bait consumers.
  4. i think u r just jealous though, oh well, the kid can take the win =)
  5. well if you think its non senese then I think you are just too green and haven't experience this, well hopefully you'll get the externals and get burned one day lol.
  6. i have got bad experience with seagate external where i heard its all refurbished drives in them. end up getting two anyway cause price was good little did i know both performed at different speed. took them out of enclosure, one did at 140MB/s then drop to 20MB/s after 10 minutes where as the other one is half decent drop to 90MB/s. never again, buying these external HDD where they use a crappy USB 3 controller to hide real performance of their device.
  7. heh, what I mentioned was just an example lol. do you run Mysql at home 24/7 now? well I sure don't and I am sure a lot of people don't as well, while they run bunch of other software almost all the time. vmware for fun or not I would say it is much more realistic for me for sure. so far I only get a solution on how tests should be performed and no real reason as to why.. anyway, are you able to answer my questions? question 1: your reviews showing samsung 840 pro with no OP perform better than s3700 and seagate 600 pro enterprise SSDs with heavy OP. I define "perform better" as simple as, better overall consistency, speed in 4k, sequential, read/write. question 2: if sammy 840 pro is indeed better, the real reason I'd see it is long life on it's flash. is flash life the real reason for them to use it for enterprise work? or is the reason because of my 1st question the overall performance is just better? I would like to mention that having a great benchmark score, or vantage score doesn't reflect to real performance. any test will have flaws and MarkLogic will be no exception. while I am only seeking the truth for real performance, testing storage devices over and over with the same test measure will only end up being targeted by manufacturer. they can alter in design, change in firmware, change in controller etc to get better performance out of your test results which is one thing I weigh a lot. just curious, whens the last time you guys have replaced test measure with MarkLogic?
  8. if that is the case then is there a reason why anandtech and tweaktown both show samsung 840 pro to be a weak drive when doing heavy workload? it makes little sense to me when both these sites also tested seagate 600 pro which is heavy in OP, same goes for s3700 but both doing worse than 840 pro which is a not enterprise drive. I believe Anand runs an intel test while Tweaktown have their own test mythology as well as few other well known benchmark software. also thanks for mentioning s3700 being 200gb only so slower performance does make some sense. however I would be more incline say a company such as samsung wouldn't give enterprise storage performance in consumer level while they still sell enterprise ssds. now I don't know if MySQL is the heaviest real software test but what I meant by real software is, daily used program, not benchmark software, something that we used everyday which still imposes heavy read/writes on the SSD. something like running multiple VMware (10+) off a single SSD while installing microsoft offices on all of them at the same time and time it. I'm just saying benchmark software can easily be manipulated and also be paid to work better for different types of controller/firmware. intel/amd chipset is one of those, intel work better for window, an example. i mean, if you guys are able to explain why a drive such as 600 pro heavy OP would lose out to samsung with NO OP then I would definitely come around to accept sammy ssd as a faster one however OP is known to provide best enterprise stability and performance in write workload so this review is contradict to that.
  9. thanks for the quick reply. I want to mention that samsung is such a company to target these synthetic tests and benchmark software to get better score. I am not trying to bring in their tampering with their galaxy phone on GPU benchmark but this is indeed the case, especially with rapid mode, overclocked controller to obtain higher numbers. now as for storagereview's test method, it would be nice to see some real software running/encoding etc. I understand samsung SSD isn't meant for heavy workload but the tests shown in review were meant for heavy workload or server type workload is it not? please correct me if I'm wrong. I have done some basic tests myself such as running multiple vmware (starting up to shutting them down and repeat for a few minutes) to encoding video from RAM disk to targeted single SSD in order to bring out obvious bottleneck in the entire process and Samsung 840 pro and evo didn't do well. compare to OCZ vector, corsair neutron and other SSDs like intel s3700.
  10. I want to correct something Brian. Samsung 840 SSD line up is a joke when there are files filled into the drive especially doing heavy read/write work load. I understand the tests here and how it's used but this goes against Anandtech review and especially Tweaktown's new consistency test. 840 pro 256gb proven to be a joke even in raid 0 was out performed by a single sandisk extreme II. this is especially true in high end workload with load of queue depth and I have proven with my samsung 840 pro runs MUCH MUCH slower when i load multiple vmware from it instead from my OCZ Vector and sandisk extreme II. also, 840 pro doesn't have OP, it'll get destroyed by any of the enterprise drive with heavy OP. please correct some of the information in the review in future, either stated light workload chart, or drive was tested empty. btw, the charts and color switches which is pretty confusing..
  11. what i was trying to say is, the 5TB is very tempting because its cheap and I dont wanna wait for this one to come out lol
  12. when can i buy this lol. toshiba 5TB at 190 is so tempting I just wanna grab a few..
  13. the 7 DWPD is that sequential or random writes? if its mix then its more like 3.5.. the intel s3700 and most other enterprise SSD are rated DWPD with random writes only for worst case scenario.
  14. nice review storagereview! the sequential could be higher but imo it is already very good. it would be nice if you could also show the lowest performance on the platter as well when drive reaches full. HD Tune is perfect tool for this. everything else, if this falls below 400 mark I'd buy a few.. if that ever happens.
  15. unityole

    Samsung Spinpoint M9T

    please try to find out where that somewhere is LOL
  16. unityole

    Samsung Spinpoint M9T

    any updates on this?
  17. ughhh TLC, thats about the major problem but if its isn't TLC then it wouldnt be 1TB
  18. I want to format my hard drive but in windows when i do that maximum size is 64KB allocation cluster size. I want to be at least able to do 128KB, or 256KB if possible. any idea how this can be done?
  19. so just how did it go lol.. kinda need this HDD..
  20. care to elaborate on why HD tune is a bad benchmark? cause from what I thought it's pretty decent for sequential performance bench. I briefly read through and kinda understand but if most of my files are sequential read and writes wouldn't it be just fine as this drive is quite a bit faster than gen1?
  21. msata and 1tb storage in itself is pretty good. only cons is TLC and rapid mode. if I dont use TLC SSD to torrent it'll last a good while, rapid is just a joke with no performance gain. just can't trust samsung software and their product when they overclock phone only to show better benchmark results.
  22. hey Storage review, in article stating 1 full drive write per day, that is in random write or sequential writes?
  23. not sure when we will be available to purchase these drives
  24. the above states clearly and is one good reason I do not purchase samsung evo SSD, its a joke. regardless in this case I still would like to think WD is legit but a simple cache changes overall performance this much is weird since in the end platter speed will be the bottleneck, I'd like to see that part actually improve. I'd hate to have window tells me transfer is done but that read/write light still flashes 1-2 mins kinda defeats the purpose.