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    WD 4TB enterprise... external... internal

    Not sure why I can't edit, but here is one vendor for the external 4TB.
  2. Steve Follmer

    WD 4TB enterprise... external... internal

    Didn't we go through this last time around, when the 3TB WD drives dawned? Except then we didn't have Red, and there were only Green inside the external cases. What was the sequence and timing of the release back then?
  3. Steve Follmer

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    I wonder whats inside those new WD 4TB externals... and what's inside what's inside... 4 platters or 5? See
  4. Last week WD stared selling the WD 4TB WD4000FYYZ -- 1.2mm hour MTBF -- 5 year warranty -- 64MB cache -- 800GB platters -- 7200 rpm -- $436 This week WD started selling the WD My Book 4TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive. About $200. Probably 5400rpm. Anyone know what's inside that thing? I gather I'd void my warranty if I bought one and opened it up. What I really want is the bare drive WD 4TB WD40EFRX - Red, 5400 rpm. Maybe next week? Hope it has 4 platters.
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    I guess the horse is long out of the barn, but at one point in time, 99.9% of the data and the file system was intact, even after the DROP. It stands to reason that you weren't the first people who made this mistake. And that there might be some answers out there. A simple search on uncovered this :*&num=50&hl=en > Wow, did I ever screw up. > > I meant to drop an unused development database and ended up dropping a used > production database. > > Can I recover it? > > If so, how? Go find a backup ;-0 If you've not got any then you can, but it may not work, restore / undelete files - their is a HOWTO on this, although its not simple, and assumess that the files have not been overwriten (the undelete recovers the inodes that point to the data). Well, maybe it had to end. Thanks for the great service you provided. Any chance anyone wants to buy your site?