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  1. I have been slacking with backing up family data, honestly. As a storage guy, you'd think I'd back up my familys important docs as I do with all of my work files and personal projects. Wow. Glad I saw this post guys! I mean, my wife uses drop box, but as far as a set backup regimen, we don't have one yet! Getting on that now..
  2. Mr.Diego

    2.5" vs 3.5" reliability

    The 3.5 may give you more space for your dollar, but in the long run, the 2.5 will last you longer, and be an overall better buy. Like FastMHZ said, the 2.5 can withstand alot more than the 3.5. Another plus is the 2.5 is normally a lot quieter.
  3. This sounds like a great opportunity for both Splunk and Coraid. Coraid’s storage management paired with Splunk’s capability of monitoring virtual data centers seems like a comprehensive solution for enterprises. Smart move.