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  1. 1 access router connected to small businesses, Huawei NE40E family or ISP client. The access router has not only provide SLIP or PPP connections, such as PPTP and IPSecalso support virtual private network protocol. These protocols can be run on each port. Such as ADSL technology will soon increase available bandwidth of each family, which will furtherincrease the burden of the access router. Because of these trends, the access router willsupport many heterogeneous and high-speed port, and is capable of running multiple protocols at each port, at the same time, but also to avoid the switched telephone network. 2 enterprise routers, enterprise or campus router connected many terminal system, the main objective is to achieve the endpoint interconnection as much as possible for as cheap,and further requirements to support different quality of service. 3 the backbone router, backbone router interconnection of enterprise network. The demand for it is speed and reliability, and the cost is in the secondary position. The hardware reliability can be switched telephone network using the techniques, such as hot backup, dual power supply, double data path to get. The technology is almost standard on allrouters in the backbone for. The major performance bottleneck of IP backbone router is in the forwarding table to find a route to the amount of time spent. In the three main technical core of the future Internet use, fiber and DWDM are already very mature and is readily available. If the original bandwidth is not provided with the existingoptical fiber technology and DWDM technology corresponding router, new network infrastructure will not be fundamentally improved performance, therefore the development ofhigh performance backbone switch / router (Terabit Router) has become an urgent requirement. Terabit Router Technology is still mainly in the development stage of experiment. 5 WAN router. Multi port WAN equipment all Ethernet protocol has a huge market demand in China, along with the TP-link product development success, double WAN router with 2 WAN physical port on the external network access, such as computer, network load balancing function can bethrough the double WAN router simultaneously use 2 extranet access line, greatly improve the network bandwidth. Application of the double advantage WAN router mainly "bandwidth aggregation" and "a network of double", this is the traditional single WAN routers do not to. Access network makes households and small businesses can be connected to an Internet service provider, in the enterprise network router connected to a campus or enterprise intens of thousands of computers, Internet backbone router terminal system usually cannot be accessed directly, they are connected with long distance backbone network and enterprise network ISP. More information, please view: http://www.huanetwork.com
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    HP MSA2312fc & 3rd party harddrives?

    Now H3C is a wholly owned subsidiary of HP, they are the original developer of many HP switches. H3C focus on networking products and right now they are No.1 in China enterprise networking market followed by No. 2 Cisco. H3C switch is using its original brand H3C in China while been re-branded to HP in global market. H3C is the original developer of many HP switches, which includes HP data center switches, 5800, 5820, 5830, 9500 and the most powerful 12500, which are from H3C 5800, 5820, 5830, 9500 and 12500. HP campus switches 3100 SI/EI, 3600 SI/EI, 5120 SI/EI, 5500 SI/EI/HI are also from H3C 3100 SI/EI, 3600 SI/EI, 5120 SI/EI, 5500 SI/EI/HI. All these HP switches are using Comware software, which is developed by H3C, so these HP switches and H3C switches have same command and configuration. H3network.com is focusing on H3C networking products, compare with HP branded, the same H3C switch may help you save up to 35% purchase cost, for most popular H3C switches, we have in stock and can ship to worldwide in short time. You can buy the H3C products instead of HP, the h3c switch and router are cheaper, and the property and quality are all the same. More information, please view: http://www.h3network.com