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    Good Morning all, im a DBA and shortly envolved in Hardwarepurchases. We are mainly using fujitsu-servers, ordered by some fujitsu-reseller. Now getting a look at the prices i was astonished! In EVERY offer we get the CPU-Prices are WAY above the intel arc recommended customer price. (add 500 - 2000 bucks to the listprice, depending on the exact cpu!!) Is this normal in serverbuisness or is our reseller crappy? Please help the new gui!
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    Please explain what you meant reader50.
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    Hmmm. One detail. I don't need all that power unlike the majority of SUV drivers that need several hundred hp to feel a real man As to the topic, it's just for curiosity's sake. Fuel efficiency doesn't seem to vary that much between a manual and an automatic but an automatic seems so easy. Too bad automatics often cost between €1200 and €2500 more than an equivalent manual and typically they're not available on all versions of a given series. Usually only with the more powerful engines.
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    BTW francois, what car do you drive? About the only Audi I'd ever consider is an A6 station wagon as the only other station wagon, an A4, is just way too small for what it costs. Like mosts cars from the VW group these days.