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    Minimal, I'm not sure it consumed more than a couple hundred MHz during the time we had it going in the background. We've been working with the Nexenta team over the duration of that review and they are still working on it internally. Should hopefully find out more soon on that topic.
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    I've been thinking a lot about how to better socialize street prices for storage. The vendors will tell us, but of course don't want to let us post such things. That said, it seems like anyone who buys has a pretty good idea of what the street is anyway. I'd love to be able to anonymize the proposals and post them in a repository by vendor. For now, you guys chatting about it here is a good start.
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    You'd have to email Supermicro. Unfortunately we can't discuss the pricing of this system.
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    If your actual disk I/O requires are low then pretty much anything should work, including the MX300. 850 EVO actually has near best in class performance as Samsung has a significant headstart on both 3D NAND as well as TLC vs. their competitors, the 850 Pro is ahead of it (perhaps near the very top of SATA SSDs for consumer use), but it smells like either of those might be a waste of money for your use.
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    Hi everyone. I'm running two machines on one 21" monitor which is PanaSync Pro. It has BNC and VGA connectors on the back and you can switch between them through OSD menu. So I needed VGA-BNC cable. I had a lot of old cables from broken monitors so I picked one with VGA connector on one end, of course, and cut the other end open. Then I went to a local electronic store and bought 5 BNC connectors which ran about 15 bucks total, if memory serves me right. I soldered them onto the open ends according to specifications of the cable and making sure about the signals. All works flawlessly and keeps me very happy about it. This is just for someone who enjoys hands-on weekend projects. If anyone wants the same cable I can make it custom, but not sure about price and shipping expense... I just couldn't find any of those cables in local computer stores, that's why...
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    you overpayed, a $15 cable would suffice for anything shorter than ~6ft for 1600x1200. If somebody needs these, maybe ebay would be the best place to sell them.
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    I picked up an ancient Dell D1626-HT Trinitron free from school before they threw it out. ( I had an eye-straining 15'' NEC before... ) I connected it via generic vga cables and the colors were pretty dry, and it was too dark. I spent hours trying to set this thing up. Since it was free, i just bought the best cables i could find for it. $99 dollars for a decent 21" a year ago was good enough for me. I'm not really a cable fanatic so I don't have experience as to how monitors look with various cables. The only other monitors that I've personally seen are one's at the local Fry's. I guess this cable brings out the color/saturation out of the monitor. A good graphics card helps though--a lot. Also I noticed that I can change the refresh rate of the Dell to 100Hz at 1280x1024. That wasn't even on the specs, http://support.ap.dell.com/docs/monitors/5...55347/specs.htm. But still at whatever resolution i get ghosting and some blurry text. Convergence is screwed... My theory is that if you have a strong signal then the monitor would last longer, or at least bad things will become noticeable later on...