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    Hey! I'm using samsung 850 evo m.2 250GB and aliexpress 9$ adapter for my MBA 13' 2011. My ssd is writing 530+mbs and reading 500+mbs now instead of 150 and 200mbs with native one. And yes, 6 years ais a big age for ssd, but still. Now all the websites, video, even the hardest ones are playing and loading instantly!
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    I can't find your older DD2200 forum topic, the link is dead from the review. But now that there are flash enabled DataDomain systems, do you think you can sweet talk DellEMC into getting one in the labs? Specifically the DD6300 or similar system? I would like to see the effects of flash used for metadata, in regards to Veeam restores, VDP performance, and general performance improvements. They are claiming big restore improvements, which has always been an issue for products like Veeam and CVLT and DD used together. Not that it was a limitation by EMC, but more so how those products do lots of random IO on the restore process, that punishes DataDomain, which doesn't do random IO well at all.
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    ArcServe? Eww. LOL. I've yet to meet a happy ArcServe customer. But at the same time, those were all CA customers, and hopefully the new owner of ArcServe is actually doing good things with the product and not letting it languish. If you're going to test DDVE, take a look at the requirements for the various sizes you can scale it. The 96TB edition is insane in terms of HW requirements. They also have a performance tester they want you to run on the datastores upon initial setup. But when you expand it, they don't require you to run it again. Seems like a missing feature...