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    From what I have seen, there is an increasing trend of large slow discs cached with SSDs in a giant RAID10. It sounds like an interesting idea but I am a bit skeptical still. One of the things I have been wondering about: from a virtualization storage perspective, it would seem that the resultant large cluster sizes (ie. for a 32TB volume) would cause performance issues. What are some of your experiences with this?
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    Hello My laptop shuts down without any message & some times it just get freezed. I updated my windows VISTA through windows update. Now the error message shown during boot up is failed to load winload file- Repair the windows. I took out the harddrive & connected to my brother's laptop. I ran disk check & following results are shown. It found 1 bad cluster. Do i need to change my hardisk? Diskcheck results are attached. Please help!!!!
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    As Brian said, you're asking a rather broad question. What exactly are you asking with regards to performance issues? Did you have an application or actual proposed use in mind in sufficient detail to make this a question we can helpfully answer, or at least try to? Have you talked to any of the relevant vendors in this space-- newcomers like Tegile, Nimble, Tintri, Nutanix, etc.? Or established ones, such as Equallogic, EMC, Netapp, Fusion-io, Is commentary such as this sufficient...? http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/data-center/the-brewing-battle-between-hybrid-and-all-flash-storage/ The harddisks and the SSD's are usually organized separately when it comes to the actual hardware disk sets, it's not a straight RAID10, if that's what you're asking. Now how the firmware manages the various controllers involved with the harddisk arrays and the SSD arrays is the tricky part...
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    You're asking a very broad question...are you talking about making your own storage solution or some of the hybrid solutions from name brand vendors? All of the latter offer caching or tiering or both.
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    What is a S.M.A.R.T diagnostic saying about the drive? Check the Hard disk manufacturers' site or use UBCD for hdd diagnostic tools. The tools may not work so well if the hard drive is in a usb enclosure,so you may have to put the hard drive back into the orginal laptop and run the bootable cd/usb tools. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ If it comes back clean, the OS(Vista) is corrupted. You will need to look into repairing it or just reinstalling it(sometimes best option). It it gives you a specific error message during loading, do some research on with Google. If SMART fails, then it would be time for a new drive. You may also want to consider a SSD. SSD VS Hard disk(HDD) guide.