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  2. Leveraging Toshiba’s latest 64-layer, 3-bit-per-cell TLC (triple-level cell) BiCS FLASH, the XG5 has quoted speeds of 3,000MB/s sequential read and 2,100MB/s sequential write. As stated above, the drive comes in capacities up to 1TB; it is also available in 256GB and 512GB. The main use cases for the drive are mainstream PC computing, thin performance notebooks, and enthusiasts that want higher performing desktops and laptops. The drive also comes in a self-encrypting drive (SED) model, supporting TCG Opal Version 2.01, making it ideal for business applications that need both high-performance and security. Toshiba Launches 64 Layer 3D NAND NVMe SSD, The XG5
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  4. There is some Dell H730Ps on ebay and they have very, very nice price. These are based on LSI 3108, have 2GB cache and built-in BBU. So, are they compatible with non-Dell motherboards? Crossflashing to genuine LSI seems impossible for this cards, but i'm ok with Dell firmware. Anyone had any experiences with these adapters?
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  6. I was thinking of replacing my current Samsung SM951 M.2 (AHCI) 256GB boot drive with the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 (NVMe) 500GB, as I need the extra space for all my music (& music videos) collection, I prefer to keep my music on an SSD drive (over a HDD) for faster access. And the current 256GB is just not enough, for boot files & programs & music. Though about just adding a separate 2.5" SATA 3 SSD 256GB drive, but figured buying the 960 EVO and seliing off the SM951 does not cost much more. Also figured the 960 EVO would work with more feature of Samsung Magician software, compraed the OEM SM951.

  8. Nutanix is reporting revenue this quarter of $191.8 million up from $182.2 million last quarter and up 67% year-over-year from $114.7 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2016. The company saw a GAAP net loss of $112 million which is up some from last quarter’s $93.2 million (this comes out to a net loss of $0.78/share). Non-GAAP net loss was $46.8 million compared to the $39.9 million last quarter (loss per share comes out to $0.42). The company saw a GAAP gross margin of 56.6%. Nutanix Reports 3Q17 Earnings
  9. Looking at this quarter’s numbers, revenue was $186.2 million down from last quarter’s $227.9 million but up from the same time last year, $139.9 million. Gross margin was 65.2% GAAP this quarter, down ever so slightly from last quarter’s 65.3% and down from this time last year (non-GAAP gross margin 66.4% up from last quarter’s 66.1%). GAAP Net loss was $62.4 million, up from last quarter’s $42.9 million. Non-GAAP net loss was $29.5 million up quite a bit over last quarter’s $4.8 million. Pure Storage Releases Its 1Q18 Earnings Report
  10. The company also returned $180 million to shareholders through share repurchases and a cash dividend. Looking forward, not only is NetApp planning on increasing dividends by 5% to $0.20 per share in the first quarter of 2018, it is also projecting revenue between $1.24 and $1.39 billion and earnings per share between $0.30 to $0.38 GAAP and $0.49 to $0.57 non-GAAP. Like all vendors, NetApp is embracing the all-flash move. According to the company they are the fastest growing vendor in the all-flash array (AFA) market. For its AFA business, NetApp is up 140% YoY in AFA and up 24% QoQ with a $1.7 billion run rate. NetApp Reports 4Q17 Earnings
  11. Agreed, really no reason outside of capacity to replace a more or less modern SSD.
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  13. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for Director, Clinical Affairs. Learn more or Jobvite a friend. ... #job

  14. #ObamaCare you won't even be able to buy health insurance as an individual in two states next year!

  15. FINALLY!!! Mason has eaten 2 slices of pizza WITH cheese!! #ohhappyday

  16. Technological differences or actual performance? Reviews cover both areas fairly well. What sort of use? If this is typical or even enthusiast desktop use, you're not going to see a difference in actual use short of timing everything with a stopwatch for benchmarks...
  17. Thank you for pointing this out to us! We value feedback like this, which will be taken into consideration towards future product development. Seagate Technology | Official Forums Team
  18. I've had a number of older momentus XT hybrids, and never again, until you can put more a meaningful amount of flash in there. 8GB is not enough IMO. I'd much prefer to see at least 32GB in there, on a 1TB drive, perhaps 16GB on the 500GB, so you can maintain low costs. But 8GB gets quickly eaten up, and gains quickly lost in everyday computing. Think of it as a quasi Intel Optane like functionality, but without needing to change motherboards, chipsets etc; and the capacity is equal.
  19. Hey, Adrian. This is the Official Seagate Forums Team. We noticed you are not sure whether to buy a hard disk drive or a solid-state drive in order to upgrade your system performance. One benefit of a Solid State Hybrid Drive is that it will, in some ways, combine the best of both worlds between a standard spinning hard disk drive and a flash solid state drive, at a more friendly price point. SSHDs have a SSD cache, usually somewhere in the area of 8GB, it learns what files and information are accessed by you more frequently, and places them in the SSD cache so that these load up faster and give you better performance, but at a more affordable price because the whole disk is not solid-state. This seems like a good compromise of the different factors you're looking for here. Seagate FireCuda SSHDs may be something to look into here. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Seagate Technology | Official Forums Team IronWolf Drives for NAS Applications SkyHawk Drives for Surveillance Applications BarraCuda Drives for PC and Gaming
  20. Currently using a Samsung SM951 M.2 as a boot drive. Thinking of replacing it with a newer Samsung 960 EVO M.2 as a boot drive. What is the differences between the SM951 and 960 EVO?
  21. Field Test: A New Look at G-Tech's EV Dock, Single Port RED Download Station @GTechStorage

  22. See something, say something gone too far IMO.

  23. Flash adoption has really been taking off over the last two years, especially as more and more data centers go all-flash. The price dropping has been one of the driving factors but the performance benefits that flash provides over disk have gone from being nice to have, to being demanded by customers. As companies moved toward all-flash, IT is seeking ways to maximize on their new investments. HPE intends to tackle these concerns but updating its flash portfolio for both the large enterprise as well as the midrange crowd. HPE Updates Its Flash Portfolio For A Broader Range Of Customers
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  25. RT @Marvin_Ronsdorf: Das Panini-Album zum #ConfedCup. Ihr zuverlässiger Partner in Sachen Kaderinformationen...

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