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  2. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for Manager, Business Development R&D. Learn more or Jobvite a f... #job

  3. Endurance and capacity are the two things Intel continues to get beaten on with this particular product. They screwed up early on with the XPoint announcement of 1000X better endurance over NAND and now have to explain why that's not the case. I do wish they'd be more open about the technology too. At the launch they refused to discuss anything around the underlying tech. I'm sure it's fast, we just don't know other than what Intel is sharing.
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  5. @Sc00nY sinon c’est du marketting qui est en défaveur du futur client

  6. @Ohthatflo what I mean it translates 52 languages, but dont listen commands just on Korean and US English at launch

  7. @dekisu Nevermind, was a permissions issue. Wouldn't let me download direct to replace it. Thanks!

  8. "Research priorities for harnessing plant microbiomes in sustainable agriculture" CC @chuck_pr @JenniferRocca1

  9. Make a bootable USB Drive from an ISO (On a Mac) - Largely sourced from: this Convert the ISO to its...

  10. Imagine Products' ShotPut Pro and G-Technology Drives Help Deliver a Very Poignant HBO Stand-Up Special

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  12. Thanks for your thoughts Mitch. Though neither of your solutions work for us. We are currently using LTO-5 which we keep all the tapes and never erase. At some point we will jump to LTO-7 but our library can't handle it so the expense will have to wait. Regardless, the speed to retrieve files takes time. These are mostly video projects so when a client asks to retrieve something we just pull out the hard drive, the user selects what they want and quickly offloads it. I've been down the tape route before with SAIT some years ago. Unless you do like you mentioned above, keeping within 2 generations, then you run into compatibility problems in either hardware, software or both. But even worse I never figured Sony would have killed off the format. Thankfully I kept the old drive in good shape so I can still pull from it if needed but I have to reconfigure to make it work. Cloud is just too slow and expensive. Enough said. I think I'll go with your suggestion and buy drives from two different makers. I've had some discussions with tech support lately and if I fire them up every 6 months or so to keep the lubricants in motion I should be in good shape, provided humidity and temp remain constant. I still don't trust Helium drives long term. I'll go with traditional air-based for now.
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  14. Cisco indicates this exact configuration is in demand by customers, driving them to respond with this latest all flash Ready Node. The most likely use case stems from VDI use cases, where customers want a powerful compute platform, but have a lesser need for cluster capacity given the advantages of linked clones within VMware. This need coupled with the systems management benefits Cisco offers via UCS Manager make for a compelling deployment of vSAN under the right set of conditions. Cisco Launches UCS Blade VMware vSAN Ready Nodes
  15. Is anyone else underwhelmed b y the endurance of these drives? It's not like RAM which basically lasts forever (ok maybe the the radioactive decay of key elements might cause issues). 30x DWPD is not that much. A PM1725 with NAND is 5 DWPD. With SLC and the same amount of overprovisioning, we are looking at 50x easily. 10x DWPD is just double that of many NAND SSDs. It is looking like this thing's QD1 performance, low latency, and worse case performance might be the only things going for it. Judging by the price it's not that far from DRAM itself.
  16. Not surprising but still interesting to see it admitted: Dries not read the issue queue any more

  17. Briefly held up by traffic, I'll get you tomorrow!

  18. To no one’s surprise, Samsung has released yet another solid microSD line. In addition to all of the same features of the older models, Samsung has doubled the maximum capacity of the EVO Plus cards to 256GB (though it won’t be available right away) for a total of four different capacities. This allows consumers to choose a model that will best suit their needs. Like all Samsung SD storage, these small memory cards are also a rugged bunch, as they feature increased water, shock, magnet, X-ray and temperature protection. Samsung EVO Plus microSD Memory Card Review (128GB)
  19. It is not uncommon to see multiple vendors and types of storage in one shop. There may be one vendor for primary, a different one for backup, and a third for DR. There may even be different vendors for different tiers of storage. These different vendors in one shop can add to the TCO. ClearSky claims that they can save TCO costs by as much as 60% over three years by integrating primary, backup and DR capabilities in one service. ClearSky Data Expands Its Backup & DR Capabilities
  20. 3ware

    If some show up I would think you should be on WRT firmware compatibility, but RAID can be more fickle than anything... unfortunately I don't have much specific experience with the 9550SX, mostly the one before (9500, I think it was). As Brian said for anything that old you might be SOL...
  21. @blckriflecoffee mine only measures lbs, #amidoingitright

  22. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for Supply Chain Internship - Master Data Management. Learn more... #job

  23. The Synology RackStation RS3617xs is able to deliver the performance needed for small to medium businesses that rely on an extensive range of business applications. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the RS3617xs is powered by an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 and up to 32GB of DDR3 ECC RAM and features four 1GbE RJ-45 ports (default option) and dual PCIe 3.0 x8 slots. This impressive RackStation also support upwards of 36 HDDs or SSDs, allowing the NAS to store well over 200TB in maximum raw capacity when using two RX1217/RX1217RP expansion units. Like all RackStations, the RS3617xs runs Synology's powerful DSM operating system, which allows users to manage the enterprise-grade storage solution via a powerful (yet very intuitive) interface. Synology RackStation RS3617xs Review
  24. @ConanOBrien It is an experiment to see how much mold and fungus the human body can imbibe before going insane.

  25. Enterprise IT wants the flexibility and economics offered by the cloud but they need the control and performance of on-premises solutions. On top of that, they are also looking for ways to save costs while simplifying their infrastructure, basically the best of all worlds. HPE is attempting to address all of these needs and concerns with its latest HCI solution. The HPE Simplivity 380 with OmniStack takes the best selling server platform on the market, the ProLiant DL380, and runs SimpliVity’s OmniStack on it combining hypervisor, compute, storage, storage network switching, backup, replication, cloud gateway, caching, WAN optimization, real-time deduplication, and more. HPE Announces SimpliVity 380 With OmniStack
  26. As someone that specializes a lot in data protection and archive solutions in all sizes of company, while technically feasible, this is a very bad idea, with a lot of risk in storing this data in this manner as described. Tape would be an acceptable solution, as long as you wrote it to two copies of tapes. Then in 5yrs or so look at replacing your tape solution for a newer one. LTO is backwards compatible 2 versions back to read. e.g. LTO7 can read LTO5, and write to LTO6. So you may need to upgrade to LTO7 soon, to read those LTO5 tapes. Then in 5 or so years, go to LTO9, to be able to read LTO7 tapes. With a couple of tape migration projects inbetween. Or you have an enterprise tape library that can run multiple types of tape drives. Another solution, would be to stick that data in the cloud, and keep it in two sites, or two providers. Like a copy in Amazon and/or azure. Amazon Glacier would be about $400-500/month in today's prices for 100TB. Their snowball can help you get the data into their cloud quick. Pricing should go down over time as scale and economics work in our favor. I suggest two vendors, because who knows how this new fangled "cloud," will shake up, and who wins and loses over the next decade. If you are deadset on using hard drives, make multiple copies, and I'd probably do it across two different brands of drives. When talking 10yrs of retention, the media type is very important, for compatibility sakes, and ease of accessing said data. But just as important is the environment, that this media is stored (humidity, temp, etc). Best to look at an Iron Mountain or similar to store these. Which by the way, I'm sure Iron Mountain offers some sort of storage platform, and long term archival solution too.
  27. Intel Optane Memory sits in between the system's memory and the storage. According to Intel, user will see up to 28% faster overall system performance, up to 14 times the performance of storage, up to 6 times the performance on certain applications, and gamers can see games launch 18% faster and level loads up to 58% faster. Optane Memory speeds application and large file load times by ensuring the data contained in a PC’s storage is more readily accessible, which means an overall faster, more responsive experience. Intel Releases Optane Memory
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