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  4. woke up today to both of these saying it was bad.crystaldisk says 1 percent left and bad and then intel rapid storage tech says its at risk.should i start looking at buying a replacement? heres the model of the drive it that helps any ts128gssd320
  5. The WD Black SN750 is the second generation of the WD Black line with a specific focus on gamers this time around. Coming in a compact M.2 2280 form factor, the drive comes in capacities ranging from 250GB to 2TB. The drive has quoted performance as high at 3.47GB/s read, 3GB/s write with throughput of 515K IOPS read and 560K IOPS write. The drive will have a future version with a heat sink for sustained high performance that is more critical to the target gaming audience. The SN750 leverages the Western Digital SSD Dashboard to maintaining peak performance of the drive in times of gaming or other operations down with their PCs. WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD Review
  6. continuum

    New BackBlaze Stats

    Everything 8TB and larger seems to be pretty reliable, at least we haven't found any Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 or WD Green 1.5TB-like failure rates anywhere just yet. The 8TB stuff has at least been around long enough to make me pretty confident in that, the 12TB and larger not yet.
  7. There are several use cases where applications need to go straight to the CPU and memory or where users want to use their own hypervisor. Bare metal also has other benefits such as running specialized workloads that require direct access to bare metal infrastructure, legacy workloads not supported in virtual environments, and licensing-restricted Tier 1 business critical applications. Through bare metal instances users can run virtualization secured containers such as Clear Linux Containers. With direct access to Intel Xeon Scalable processors workloads can access hardware feature sets such as Intel VT-x. AWS Introduces 5 New Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances
  8. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in New York City, DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider for developers cloud services. The founding team consists of Ben Uretsky, Moisey Uretsky, Mitch Wainer, Jeff Carr, and Alec Hartman. DigitalOcean was one of the first cloud-hosting companies to offer SSD-based virtual machines. DigitalOcean offers virtual servers it calls droplets that use KVM as a hypervisor and are able to be created in various sizes. At one time the company was the third-largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers. DigitalOcean Launches Managed Databases
  9. The Synology DiskStation DS1019+ is the newest edition to the company’s more performant Plus line. This 5-bay NAS is aimed at SOHO and home users that need a bit more of a performance kick. In fact, it is ideal for those that work with or need real-time 4K video transcoding. The hardware combined with built-in applications make this an ideal solution for 4K transcoding. The NAS leverages Synology’s award winning DiskStation Manager Operating System and is expandable to 10 bays through the DX517 expansion unit. Synology DiskStation DS1019+ Review
  10. Looking at the numbers, Cisco is reporting revenue of $12.4 billion, up 7% from this time last year. The company saw a GAAP net income of $2.8 billion or a gain of $0.63 earnings per share this is a massive improvement from this time last year when the company reported an $8.8 billion net loss. For non-GAAP the company saw a net income of $3.3 billion or $0.73 diluted earnings per share. Cisco reported a total gross margin as 62.5% GAAP and 64.1% non-GAAP. Operating expenses for the quarter were $4.6 billion GAAP and $4.0 billion non-GAAP. Cisco Announces 2Q19 Earnings
  11. I have an LSI 9271-8i without a BBU. I have the following settings applied: Write Policy: Write Back Read Policy: Always Read Ahead IO Policy: Direct IO Access Policy: Read Write Disk Cache Policy: Disabled Background Initialisation: Enabled What do you think of these settings? Should I may any changes for better performance? Many thanks Phil
  12. Hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) have really taken the limelight for several use cases in recent years. Cisco has pushed this even further with its HCI, HyperFlex, that it claims supports any app, on any cloud, at any scale. HCI is great for VDI and ROBO deployments but enterprise workloads still require file storage protocols like NFS and SMB/CIFS. Seeing this problem the two companies decided to combine Cisco’s HyperFlex HCI with Nexenta’s NexentaStor VSA. NexentaStor VSA can easily be leveraged in a Cisco HyperFlex environment with no need for additional hardware, adding file services to the HCI. Nexenta & Cisco Partner On Enterprise Files Services For HCI
  13. Veeam is still a private company so we can’t get into the nuts and bolts of its earnings and cash. The company did have a massive, half a billion funding round last month. At the time we stated it was odd for a company as large as Veeam to go looking for cash. But with investors looking to sink $500 million in them, they must be doing something right. As stated above, Veeam saw an increase of total booking of 16% YoY, marking its twelfth consecutive year of organic double-digit bookings growth. And they added 48,000 new customers in 2018. Veeam Announces FY 2018 Results
  14. It is good news. This service is necessary in the modern technology of the world. Also, I am glad that they are not alone. These guys develop and promote such opportunities too. They present their software as a website downloader.
  15. Data has become something of a gold mine in the last few years. Companies are generating more and have the need to store more data than ever before by a wide margin. A big chunk of this data is unstructured. If companies are able to analyze this data in a timely fashion they can gain insights that lead to better business decisions, efficiency, and potential revenue streams. In order to run these analytics programs more performance is needed, while at the same time budgets need to be controlled or even lowered. Organizations need an efficient manner for storing this data while having a powerful way to analyze it. Dell EMC Launces All-Flash Dell EMC Isilon F810
  16. As businesses lay out their data center infrastructure they need to keep in mind the cost of the infrastructure, the capacity and performance they need for their workloads, and they need to set up their infrastructure in a way that enables them to grow when needed. This sounds fairly straightforward but one must keep in mind that technology rapidly changes. The new technologies almost always offer some benefits that can be leveraged and companies need to be able to integrate these changes within their budget. All of the infrastructure needs to be maintained as well potentially pulling IT away from the day-to-day operations of the company. Lenovo’s new service is aimed at helping in all of the above areas. Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services Announced
  17. The site works very strangely. It is loading on a white background, then on the black one. What's wrong?
  18. MaxaGold

    Off roader anyone?

    I prefer crossover. It looks more aesthetic in contrast to the SUV. When I drove through the desert and almost got stuck in the sand, it was difficult. Any SUV would easily handle it easy.
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    Profile Editing

    When I wanted to edit my profile some difficulties arose. I cannot to save my birthday and biography - Indicates an error. Avatar managed to change, however.
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  21. Actifio Go is built on Actifio’s established Data-as-a-Servicemulti-cloud Sky platform. Actifio GO enables enterprise backup and is designed to allow DevOps administrators operating in multi-cloud environments to focus on data management policies. As is becoming increasingly common, Go supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments like those used by the largest international companies, as well as providing options that require no on-premise storage. It specifically focuses on reducing the overhead and security concerns caused by duplicate copy data. Copy Data, according to Actifio, is on average 13 times the size of production data. IDC estimated that $50.6 billion was spent in 2018 on the infrastructure, governance, and security of copies of data. Actifio Launches Copy Data Management SaaS Platform
  22. Neither personally. You'll find Isilon, NetApp, and Quantum stor next and a few others at the top when it comes to content creation and editing for a studio. That's been my experience with enterprise accounts. The intelligent load balancing and tiering of files that the enterprise vendors offer make them standouts over just a low cost JBOD nas
  23. I updated my pw, so the thieves cannot log in and reduce the average quality of my postings. Those viagra posts would really cut into my rep. However, I had to change my pw over HTTP. SR has an HTTPS cert, but it's only valid for the news side. And using it with a forum address loads the news side anyway. Perhaps the SR cert(s) could be updated, so the forums will load securely?
  24. reader50

    New BackBlaze Stats

    For anyone interested, BackBlaze has posted new HD stats. Their HD Summary for 2018. Highlights: • They've deployed 1,205 Toshiba 14TB drives. Annualized failure rate projected at 3%, normal for initial burn-in. They've been in service one quarter, with actual failure rate of 0.75% so far. Annual figure expected to decline going forward. Depending on how good a price they got per drive, they may have paid over $500K for the set. • They've deployed a heck of a lot of Seagate 12TB drives. 31,146 with annual failure rate projected at 1.39%. Once again, they've been in service less than a year on average. So this is probably mostly burn-in losses. Probably spent at least $10M buying them all. • No mention of the new Toshiba 16TB drives. Which I have not seen for sale anywhere. • HGST has the best reliability again by small margins. Seagate's figures continue to improve with later models. WD is dropping off the chart as older models are retired - BB is not adding any new WDs.
  25. You need to defrag your HDD. Most probably is heavily fragmented. I've seen machines turning form turtle to rabbit after a defrag.
  26. Hi to all! My laptop has a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB 5400'' Toshiba HDD. Hi to all! My laptop has an SSD and an 1 TB 5400'' Toshiba HDD. I have installed GTA V with a tons of mods,and NBA 2K18 on the HDD and they work perfectly! Only ArmA 3 gives me stuttering and huge FPS drops when installed on the HDD. I installed it on the SSD and the stuttering and the FPS drops had gone. But,I would like to keep it installed on the HDD,so I would please you to tell how do I keep ArmA 3 on the HDD but fix the stuttering issues and FPS drops? I had the same problem on my previous laptop Lenovo Y700, and I resolved the issue with installing of hdparm,but in this case it doesn't help. Please help me. Thanks to all in advance.
  27. Designed for severs and mixed workloads, the Samsung 883 DCT is a SATA interface SSD for data centers. The drive comes in multiple capacities: 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB, and 3.84TB. The 883 DCT leverages Samsung V-NAND with performance quoted as high as 560MB/s read and throughput as high as 98K IOPS. The drive has end-to-end data protection built in to deliver security to those that need it the most. Samsung 883 DCT SATA SSD Review
  28. Here are a few that I have found that are pretty similar. Some are advertised for video work, some not, even though the specs are very similar. If they all have similar dual Xeon CPU, run RAID6 with same number of drives, and have same single/dual 10GbE SPF+ interface, how much actual performance difference can one expect? Facilis TerraBlock Hybrid 24 AVID NEXIS | PRO Synology RackStation RS4017xs+ G-TECHNOLOGY G-RACK 12 QNAP ES1640dc 45drives storinator-q30 Aberdeen AberNAS N32L/N32W This is for a studio that has 30 or more people work on files directly from the network, some edit 4K video, probably not more than a few at the same time. Workstations will have only 1GbE anyway for now. There is another thing about managing. If something goes wrong, to be able to call the support that can remote in. Do you have experience with any of these, and if there is really that much difference between these for video or other tasks, and if there is anything else one should pay close attention to. Thanks
  29. Overall, the TS-932X is another great release from QNAP. Although it isn't as powerful as other QNAP NAS products like the identically built TVS-951X, this compact, 9-bay storage solution is a more affordable alternative. It also boasts solid performance via its Alpine AL-324 quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A57 processor, maximum of 16GB of RAM and dual 10GbE SFP+ ports. As such, the TS-932X is a great addition for those that need higher performance while keeping cost in mind. Like other QNAP devices of this class, the TVS-951X is highlighted by its easy-accessible hybrid drive-bay design. It houses five 3.5-inch drive bays and four 2.5-inch SSD slots on the front panel, giving users the ability to set up an effective hybrid storage to maximize both capacity and performance via SSD caching and their Qtier auto-tiering technology. QNAP TS-932X NAS Review
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