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  2. OK, not an ad. Upon closer look, it's an email newsletter signup. Which pops up whenever your cursor leaves the page, or moves a significant amount on it. Like towards another tab, or towards a story link on the page itself. Once it pops up, it dims the rest of the page, and covers it. Clicking on links does not work until/unless you dismiss the popup. I captured the form submission code for reference: form action="//" accept-charset="UTF-8" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" data-dojo-attach-point="formNode" novalidate="" Firefox 52.9.0 ESR / macOS 10.14.0 (also tested in Safari, Chrome, Opera with same result) Edit: it appears on the SR story page too. At least the page can be scrolled under it, and read around the banner. Personally, I try not to click on popups, because it can lead to unexpected results.
  3. Well, good luck, let us know what happens.
  4. The link is broken, will fix. What ad are you talking about? We don’t run pop ups.
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  6. Hehehe.... I know. What is on my mind is that there should be an specific driver for that screen and messages. I've seen many servers with an external screen, I think that maybe there could be somewhere some kind of magic and lost generic driver that maybe could help with this adventure. I'm curious too about how to found, make or try to solve something like this. Never tried before. I'm glad that is not important for the NAS to work properly. Some ideas about where I can ask this or who could know about it or what can I try first with it? Gladly I have a little victory first with having a console using serial connection, and after that making Rockstor work in it, so I want to go ahead and try to achieve this. Thank you for your answer.
  7. Something wrong with the story link. I'm trying to access the story from here, because the pop-up thing on the front page happens before I can click on a story link there. I know ad rates are terrible today. But that front-page popup is majorly annoying.
  8. Kevin OBrien

    Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) Review

    We do track/collect CPU stats during the runs as part of the vdbench logging if you wanted to see more of the raw output. Its just not a part that we track.
  9. We could remove VROC and run with software RAID and compare results, which of course we did not do for this review. There is a little overhead for VROC but it's not severe from what we can tell. Maybe some day we can dive into this further.
  10. Dear goodness that's a very specific ask. We've had several of that family through the lab but never modified them in that way.
  11. Through products such as the new SmartSSD, QLC-SSD, 256GB 3DS RDIMM and High Bandwidth Memory 2 Aquabolt, Samsung enables the most advanced providers of server-less computing. There products aim to allow datacenter operations to scale quicker while saving costs by accelerating data processing, bypassing server CPU limits and reducing power demands. Samsung Begins 7nm EUV Production, Unveils Next Generation NAND SSD & DRAM
  12. Fomula One teams are required to be equipped with a reliable infrastructure that allows for the development of state-of-the-art race cars. With that in mind, Haas F1 Team performed detailed aerodynamic analysis, requiring continuous updated in order to remain competitive. Haas F1 Team is able to maximize the benefits of its CFD analysis within the FIA imposed limits by using the efficient and dependable Cray and AMD EPYC processor-based system. Cray Inc. Announces Haas F1 Team Cooperation
  13. New in the lab about upgrading ESXi to a "Dark Theme" right in time for Halloween (different kind of dark).
  14. Hello, I have a WD Sentinel DX4000 NAS server in which I installed Rockstor (CentOS based). This little 'pebble' has a small screen wher it shows different messages. I went to some kind of a hell of path to make it work with Rockstor, and now I would like to make that screen works, at least for showing the text 'Rockstor' and not a 'Loading lots of blablabla' all the time, and the power light blinking forever. Can you help me to make it change this? Someone could tell me where to look for some solution? I'll appreciate it. I know this doesn't matter, but I'll love to solve it. Thank you for helping me. PD: Please, if this is not the correct thread, move it where it belongs. Sorry.
  15. Maybe this is common knowledge, so forgive my out-of-the-loop-ness, but I would have been really interested in the cpu overhead of the different configurations. RAID10 for example looks real interesting from a io performance result point of view. If the vroc would eat up half a dozen cores to get there though. That would be a VERY different cup of tea.
  16. Ultimately, what Intel VROC provides systems vendors like EchoStreams is a simplified way of delivering RAID with NVMe SSDs. The result is EchoStreams can deliver excellent throughput and latency with less complexity and cost. Further, thanks to the additional features from Intel VMD, EchoStreams customers get improved system serviceability with features like NVMe SSD hot swap, NVMe drive light support and bootable RAID with pre-boot configuration. As noted, the use cases are varried, but clearly there's huge potential for CDNs and others who can benefit from enterprise-grade RAID across the fastest storage and networking interfaces widely available. Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) Review
  17. The Raspberry Pi platform is a small single-board computer initially developed as a low-cost general-purpose computer intended both to encourage the teaching of basic computer science in schools, and to appeal to the home hobbyist. However, over time, the Raspberry Pi has evolved into a platform for various commercial products in order to minimize the cost of these products. As such, many companies are now using ClearCube as the basis for their VDI clients. ClearCube Announces First Raspberry Pi-Based VDI Client With VMware Blast Support
  18. Cyber attacks and ransomware have unfortunately become common and are part of life for enterprises. Security is improving in most areas but companies still need a way to quickly recover lost data to avoid costly downtime. Dell EMC is addressing this with new software that combines data isolation with business continuity. This will minimize he impact of an attack and help recover critical data and systems faster. As stated above, Dell EMC Cyber Recovery uses automation to move and retain isolated secure copies of critical data to a Cyber Recovery vault. This removes the critical data from the attack surface. Once the data is in the vault it can be tested and analyzed without a restore eliminating the worry of activating any malware. Dell EMC Releases Cyber Recovery Software
  19. Thanks, that's what I thought. I do have everything backed up, just being lazy.
  20. All depends what your noise tolerance is for head parking and whatnot. As Brian said, don't worry about it unless it's actually a problem. A decade ago, hard disk reviews were common, so you could usually tell in advance of a purchase from a review little nuances like acoustics and stuff... but those days are long past.
  21. The Crucial P1 is the newest series of M.2 drives, with capacities ranging from 500GB to, soon to be, 2TB. The Crucial P1 SSD comes equipped with Micron quad-level cell (QLC) NAND, enabling increased NAND density at a lower cost, providing a huge capacity at an affordable pricing model. Crucial P1 1TB SSD Review
  22. Thanks! So I won't have to worry about TLER, head parking algorythms etc? I know those were a problem in the past?
  23. I'm with you entirely. But if they use this as a metric to determine warranty, it's clearly a real thing. We plan on digging into it more...when time allows.
  24. Buying any drive in quantity of 1 will either be fine or not. I'd really not worry too much, the reliability these days has become much better. I'd honestly go on price for bulk storage. NAS drives work find for that, even though the manufacturers would prefer you not use them in a PC. People here and elsewhere have been doing it since day 1.
  25. For Violin, this means a larger variety of solutions spanning from terabytes to multiple petabytes with enterprise-class performance, features, and reliability. Combining its products with X-IO’s price to performance value could potentially lead to a larger variety of customers. Violin will be adding X-IO’s storage engineering team as well as its service process and organization. Meaning existing customers will continue to get the same level of service they’ve grown accustomed with. Violin Acquires X-IO Storage, Axellio Spun Off
  26. Hi All! In my PC I use an SSD for the OS, and a regular HD for storage. The current storage drive, a 6 TB Western Digital (green) model drive is getting cramped again so I guess it's time for an upgrade. In the last couple of years I always did this like so : I bought a newer and bigger model, copied everything from the old storage drive onto the new one, replaced the drive and put the old drive on the shelf, as a sort of backup in case the new drive would fail in the first couple of months of use. This modus operandi has worked fine for years, but now I'm facing a problem : it seems most manufacturers stop making desktop drives at 6 TB. They do have NAS drives or enterprise drives that are bigger, but I'm not sure if I can use one of those drives in my desktop PC without problems. The only manufacturer that seems to have desktop drives bigger than 6 TB is Seagate, in their Barracuda series. But it's Seagate, you know... I've been burned by that brand in the past (multiple times) and I don't know if I want to take that plunge again. On the other hand, I know one bad series does not make a bad brand... Oh, and there's Toshiba also, but reviews about these disks are scarce and users reviews on Amazon and other are not exactly comforting. If I could choose, I would put a HGST Ultrastar 8 TB or 10 TB drive into my PC, but as said I'm still not sure if that's a good idea. I know about TLER and stuff like that and I'm not sure if this could end up in data loss because enterprise disks are not meant to be used that way? So should I do it, or simply buy a Seagate drive? (yes, I know I could also add a second 6 TB drive, but that's an option I would like to avoid... more noise etc...) Thanks!
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