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  2. We'll see. The MSA 2052 was very strong. We have a Unity in right now but will try to get the new SC from Dell EMC in too for review.
  3. The ReadyNAS 524X is another solid release by Netgear that offers more of the same. Designed for small to medium businesses, home offices, the new Netgear 4-bay NAS is equipped to work seamlessly as file-server, backup, disaster recovery, and storage virtualization solution, as well as a personal cloud, provides with file sharing and sync capabilities. The 524X supports up to a generous 40TB of total storage and has on board 10GbE. The 524X also features comprehensive and easy-to-use management software through the ReadyNAS OS. NETGEAR ReadyNAS 524X Review
  4. Micro Focus claims that organizations will be able to leverage Vertica 9’s flexible and expanded deployment options across on-premise, private, and public clouds, as well as on Hadoop and AWS S3 data lakes, giving them the most appropriate analytical solutions possible. This will allow customers to attain widest range of choices on where, how, and when they run analytics. Micro Focus Announces Vertica 9
  5. Same base price as MSA2052, 30 bays instead of 24, way cheaper drives, higher IOPS (on paper anyway) and data reduction. Has Dell just killed the MSA?
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  7. Veritas NetBackup 8.1 will introduce Veritas NetBackup Cloud Catalyst, new deduplication technology that allows their customers to better leverage the cloud all the while saving money. Using deduplication or the removal of duplicate copies, Veritas claims that NetBackup Cloud Catalyst has the ability to shrink the size of data almost three times faster than similar offerings from other companies. Veritas Improves 360 Data Management Portfolio to Tackle the Complexities of Multi-Cloud
  8. Overall, the HPE MSA 2052 fits into an interesting position in the SMB/midmarket segment. Its price with two SSDs and full licensing is slightly over $10K, where you can then add additional spinning media or flash as needed. While we've tested boxes that can certainly outperform the MSA 2052, nothing comes close in this price bracket. Our configuration with four SSDs will be more expensive, especially when opting for the higher capacity drives. Even in that case, however, the MSA 2052 provides great value when the buyer properly sizes and leverages caching or tiering, backed up by relatively inexpensive HDDs. One day flash will take over, even in entry arrays targeted for the SMB. But today, the cost profile isn't there yet and businesses with more modest needs shouldn't worry about being all flash, as the HPE MSA 2052 delivers a highly capable, functional and cost-effective solution. HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage Review
  9. I assume the proliferation of higher bay counts (and growing popularity of RAID solutions) is caused by hard drive sizes not growing fast enough. Over the last decade, storage has hit several stalls. But data needs have continued to grow, especially with higher video resolutions. The consolidation of HDD manufacturers down to 3 didn't help. The need for 2-stage positioning motors for higher track counts. Took 2 years to solve, though the introduction of PMR halfway through reduced the pain. The 7200.11 fiasco. Afterwards everyone went super-cautious on new model introductions. Because they didn't want to make the same mistake. This also caused the proliferation of 5400/5900 RPM drives, when they had been going extinct in the 3.5" size. The Malaysian floods. Plus the jacked prices after the floods, which the manufacturers liked so much, they foot-dragged on restoring production volume. Result: instead of taking their predicted 6-months to return to normal, it took 2 years before prices returned to pre-flood levels. Their financials showed excellent results over this period. The current state, where they introduce bigger drives again. Without cutting the prices on existing sizes. So you can buy bigger or existing sizes, but your price-per-TB hardly budges. Competition from SSDs would help. But they've been in their own stall for almost two years now. Bigger sizes are introduced, but demand has grown rapidly. You'd think new flash factories would come online fast enough to relieve the pressure. I've been waiting two years to upgrade, but the price stalls on HDDs and SSDs have caused me to hold off. I'm still waiting for a correction to hit.
  10. .@perduesenate healthcare must be for all Americans, not just for those that can afford it. Reject Graham/Cassidy. (via CivicAction)

  11. Synology has announced a slate of a new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStation NAS solutions, which is comprised of the DS3018xs, Synology’s first 6-bay tower NAS with optional 10GbE and NVMe SATA SSD support; the DS918+, DS718+ and DS218+, which are designed for intensive daily workloads; and the DS418, which features optimized 4K online transcoding capability. Also announced is a brand-new lineup of surveillance products, including NVR1218, an all-in-one, standalone surveillance solution; and the VS960HD, a compact surveillance monitoring and management device. Synology Announces a Slate of new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStations and Surveillance Products
  12. These newly announced innovations include technology integrations that improve joint customers’ business continuity and disaster-recovery readiness, and hybrid cloud scale-out storage optimization, and provide a significant increase in customers’ ability to visualize data across disparate sources. Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) allows customers to monitor and easily failover/failback multi-tiered applications to and from Azure with a single click. It also features: Veritas Announces New 360 Data Management Capabilities
  13. Vexata is all about eliminating I/O bottlenecks and letting business applications realize high performance and scale by leveraging the latest flash technology such as NVMe Flash and now 3D XPoint SSDs. This is achieved through the company’s patent pending operating system, VX-OS. This performance would be especially beneficial to database and analytics platforms such as Oracle, SAS, SQL Server and emerging NoSQL and cognitive computing platforms. Vexata states that optimal performance can be hit across large active data sets, without application re-writes or infrastructure re-architecture. Vexata Comes Out Of Stealth & Launches Its Active Data Fabric
  14. U.2 I assume. The other form factors make a lot less sense from a support perspective.
  15. those 8x nvme SSDs. I assume U.2? or M.2 or pcie slot?
  16. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for: Business Operations Specialist #job

  17. Both the family of CI systems and the software aim to deliver a modern, integrated data-centric framework that can help enterprises more agilely respond to rapidly changing business and market demands. For customers that already have existing virtualization, database and analytics applications, the new UCP solutions will support these as well as offering a turnkey solution to deploy enterprise applications faster, with improved performance, higher uptime, simplified troubleshooting and enhanced security features. All of the above benefits can reduce costs, complexity, and risks while potentially identifying new business models and revenue streams. Hitachi Vantara Introduces Next-Gen UCP Software & CI Systems
  18. As we pointed to early today, IoT is becoming big business with potential for insights that can improve various levels of any company. Organizations looking to take advantage of these benefits need a secure IoT solution to connect physical assets, ingest and blend data from disparate sources at high speeds, and turn it into actionable insights without disruption to normal business processes. Realizing this, Hitachi Vantara announced two solutions to deal with these issues. Hitachi Intends To Disrupt The IoT Market With New Appliances & Software Stacks
  19. Through automation of the creation, deployment and management of container hosts and cloud-native applications as a service, across a multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure, HEC with VMware vRealize 7.3 expanded support for both DevOps and containers. The new platform helps developers by providing pre-engineered container templates with full support for persistent volumes, improved container networking, container host and image repository management. The platform also allows developers to further enhance their applications to include dynamic networks or micro-segmentation, while administrators can manage the container host infrastructure with SLA driven policy based governance. Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Expands Its Managed Services
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  21. Hitachi is no stranger to OT. The company has been around for over 100 years with its hand in everything from finance, government, manufacturing, power/energy to transportation. While Hitachi hasn’t been involved in IT as long as OT, it has been in the game for over 50 years bringing IT applications, analytics, content, cloud, and infrastructure solutions to market. Hitachi is taking its unique experience in both fields and combining them into its new company Vantara, bringing customers a powerful, collaborative partner in data. Hitachi Launches New Digital Company Hitachi Vantara
  22. Big Data, and the insights that can be gained from it, has been a central issue for some time now. However, there doesn’t seem to be too many solutions out there that can analyze Big Data in a time-effective manner to gain insights that can leveraged before the next big wave of data comes crushing in. Meaningful analytics should be the goal, and that is exactly what NetApp is promising with its new offerings. NetApp Introduces NVMe Over InfiniBand For Big Data Analytics
  23. The SCv3000 comes with several changes, including a new hardware platform. The upgraded series comes with new 6-core Intel processors, 2X the memory and 3X greater bandwidth, according to the company this results in a 50% performance boost, with tested maximums up to 270,000 IOPS. However, the series has retained many of the key SC operating system features that made it popular in the first place. Dell EMC Extends Enterprise-Class Features To The Midrange
  24. Setup and management of small business network devices can be a pain. Owners, their IT managers, or their IT contractors need to configure each device individually costing time and money. Smaller businesses need to focus more or their core business and less on configuring their network and its devices. NETGEAR is coming to the rescue with its Insight app management solution. According to the company, users will have multi-device configuration and instant management of their Insight Managed switches, wireless access points, and network storage as long as they have an Internet connection. The best part about the App is that it is free to download and there are no subscription fees. NETGEAR Releases Insight Remote Management For Networking
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