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  3. Быть бабой — сплошное мучение. Постоянные прыщи на лице от стресса, наркотиков и алкоголизма. И тусоваться не бросить #какбыть

  4. Given this is based around Windows software RAID, have you tried loading the disks into a JBOD (4 at a time), connecting them to a dedicated Windows Server 2008 R2 or S2012 R2 platform and importing the RAID groups? It would also be wise to contact a data recovery company, since there may be an easy solution to recovering the data through a RAID group import in a secondary system.
  5. Some people like it I think for the bandwidth that ca pass through if you daisy chain a bunch of crap together. But yes, for this use, TB3 doesn't do a lot to help.
  6. The demand is outstripping supply at the moment...well, really for the last 18 months or so. All the suppliers and buyers are saying the same thing. There's just not enough NAND production to go around. These die changes are critical to being able to hit the capacity targets the market expects.
  7. The Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Dual Port 25GbE DA/SFP is a PCIe NIC that can be easily added to most servers that have an open slot. As with most Mellanox NICs, the ConnectX-4 Lx is all about high bandwidth, low latency, and high message rate. Though it has two 25GbE ports it is backward compatible with 10GbE for those that are looking to futureproof their network but have yet to upgrade. The NIC comes with several features aimed at improving performance as well as improving ROI while lower CAPEX and OPEX. Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Dual Port 25GbE DA/SFP NIC Review
  8. 16 levels of analog voltage per cell. It better have amazing error check and correction. I won't be the first one to try this. Side note, between higher bits-per-cell and 3D layouts, the bits-per-chip has gone up dramatically. I was expecting SSD prices to decline dramatically as density goes up. But they've stayed about the same (or even increased slightly) over the past year. What gives? The manufacturers can't all be in a conspiracy to prop up prices, can they?
  9. Western Digital has a long track record of industry firsts surrounding flash technology, going back nearly 30 years. These first include multi-level cell (MLC) flash technologies using two bits (X2) and three bits (X3) per cell. Utilizing the company’s deep vertical integration capabilities (including silicon wafer processing, device engineering to provide sixteen distinct data levels in every storage node, and system expertise for overall flash management) the company was able to bring this new X4 technology to market. The new BiCS3 X4 technology is stated to deliver storage capacity of 768 gigabits on a single chip, a 50% increase from the prior 512 gigabit chip that was enabled with the three bits per cell (X3) architecture. This increase in capacity will still be able to deliver performance comparable to the BiCS3 X3 technology, according to WD. WDC Announces Four-Bits-Per-Cell 3D NAND Technology
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  11. No eres tú, es mi religion, como le pido a Dios me aleje de todo mal, me alejo de ti... Ciao...!

  12. RT @twolivesleft: Took me ten years of programming to realise the truth of this

  13. Any special reason why you're commenting on a 3-year-old article? You do realize some of these models most likely aren't made any more? SSDs are evolving quickly - models rarely stay on the market for years. Also, prices have come down. Who is going to consider a 200 GB drive for 870 EU when you can buy a (slower SATA-III) 2 TB SSD for $550 today?
  14. @ISPPeru @IndStatePolice @RyanJNewman You know Stewart was raised in Columbus, right?

  15. RT @bynkii: Einstein was a scientist. He said this to mock people like Ivanka Trump and her idiot family.

  16. It is the slowest drive among 4 models tested. One thing that was left out of the conclusion is the price. So the question is: do you want slower SSD of 200GB from Seagate for 200 EU, or you need 200GB SSD from HGST which is 870 EU. Price ratio remains proportional for higher size SSDs as well. You will certainly think twice how you will use the drive before before making the final decision.
  17. Is Thunderbolt 3 any real benefit to this device when you have 2x 7,200 rpm HDDs pre installed. Even in RAID 0 the read / write speeds are going to be far below the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3. I get the fact that it will be used as a dock for laptops, but besides that the interface makes it very expensive for what it is. (Think they were talking $800 for 12TB and $1300 for 20TB). Thunderbolt 3 on 6big and 12big I get, but on this... ?
  18. @qinxiesays forever, premises sold already, new cafe going in

  19. our company purchased 3 Devices and we trusted it alot, we put all our back up data on it, we created two same backups on 2 WD DXC4000, but what happens is that one day we suddenly see that these 3 storage solutions stopped working with error STARTUP FAILED 0xD9 all of them, we couldn't reach the data we lost everything on these 3 machines until today. no one helped, even WD solution didnt help it formatted that machine windows went up again for 2 min then same error appeared again, for us it was really waste of money and unsafe storage solution, we stopped trusting these and we purchased other solutions even they look nice and well managed using windows storage server but unfortunately this solution didn't help us. WD if you read this review what would you offer us, we still have the machines with same error, we would be happy to hear from you NOTE after research this error is result of WD software update, i believe WD should be responsible of the data we lost for unknown reasons
  20. RT @vcstar: Experts find that following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding risky behaviors really can raise your life expectancy substantiall…

  21. RT @robgirard: #TintriHackathon ... 1am, still going strong. 90 ppl in 24 teams... Impressive turnout for this @Tintri all-nighter traditio…

  22. My son introduced me to PUBG -> Meet Brendan 'Playerunknown' Greene, Creator of 'Battlegrounds'

  23. Designed specifically for Dell PowerEdge Servers, the Dell Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx offers high bandwidth and low latency, all without taking away a single PCIe slot from other add-on devices. The NIC supports RDMA over Converged Ethernet, Ethernet stateless offload engines, Overlay Networks, and GPUDirect Technology making it an ideal choice for several different use cases. Furthermore, the NIC can reduce CAPEX and OPEX through LAN and SAN unification, and can lower CPU overhead giving the data center better server utilization in general. Dell Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Review
  24. I'd do a fresh install to be honest. The migration tools usually work...usually. But Windows being what it is, I prefer to start clean.
  25. In the words of Arnold: "If women with muscles look like men, then men without muscles must look…

  26. RedShark - On the road with a TouchBar Macbook Pro, Resolve and a @GTechstorage Thunderbolt RAID via @redsharknews

  27. @Darty_Officiel fait 1 erreur sur son site corrigée 4 jours après et annule les commandes sans en informer les clients. Service de qualité !

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