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  2. Got a WD1200 120Gb IDE hard drive in a clear plastic box in front of me, no smart data manufacture date 22 May 2003. I also have a 500Gb seagate ST3500641AS which is in my rig till the new 4Tb HGST comes. I've only got space for 4 if I take the 2nd bay out for airflow (think I lost some rails for it). It has 2936d 7 h 1395 power cycles and smart says its in its death throws. Its got slow and noisy but its basically been idle except for a spare OS install. 8.06 years of power on. My 2nd oldest is a 1Tb WD WD10EACS with 2808 power on days, 7.7 years. I've got a 2Tb WD20EARS with 2335 days and 615,485 load/unload counts ( ran wdidle3.exe either turn off head parking or make it 3 mins before doing it ). You can see below how few LLC have accrued themselves after I ran wdidle3; and how many more errors on the seagate between 2015-2017. Also got failing seagate to run ATTO bench:
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  4. Very interesting, thank you very much reader50. It would be nice if I find that WD's DOS diagnostics supports HGST too.
  5. From retail drive pictures, the WD Gold appear to be rebranded HGST He drives.
  6. Well, SR's 8TB WD Gold HDD Review from last December is a treasure. (I googled it when looking for performance comparisons between the WD Gold and Red Pro, in case my above-stated principle against buying drives I can't run diagnostics on outside my OS ends up ruling out HGST [it's already ruled out Seagate] too.)
  7. Man, we haven't seen HGST 3.5" drives to review in a while.
  8. Thank you very much for your reply, reader50! I'd happily wait for a 12TB HGST...if the concern I just added to my last post (regarding bootable diagnostics) is met. And you're right, I probably should have switched to a NAS long ago. One reason I haven't is I'm not thrilled about LAN transfer speeds. Oh, and cost.
  9. HGST does have a 12TB enterprise drive out, currently running $630 on ebay. I've yet to see it in the regular channels. Look for HGST He12 If you are looking for large economical storage, drives in the 6-8 TB range are approaching half the price-per-TB of that He12. A RAID array in a NAS would get you more storage, and probably at a lower price. Admittedly with more noise.
  10. Thank you very much, SgtSixpack! I like the $329 price (of that HDN721010ALE604 Deskstar). I think I'll do some digging, because I'm wondering how it's speed. compares to the Ultrastar HUH721010ALE604 $350 I just (oops, sorry!) remembered that for me Seagate's various 10TB models are out (I got an 8TB IronWolf in January, but Seatools for DOS didn't support it...and I'm firmly opposed to deploying HDD's for which I must run HDD diagnostics in Windows (and I was frustrated in my last attempt to create a WinPE with HD Tune on it). WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS v5.27 supports my 8TB Red HDD (when I first got 6TB Black drive v5.25 did not support it but I phoned and they posted 5.27 the very next day). I wonder if HGST has it's own bootable HDD diagnostics, or if v5.27 supports the HGST drives. If not, maybe I'll be stuck buying an (ugh) WD Red (my current one is just an HTPC drive). Edit: It appears that HGST's old Drive Fitness Test v4.16 does not support drives >2TiB, since I just tried booted to it and it thinks my 6TB Black drive's capacity is "1603 GB". I'll phone HGST Tech Support when they open on Monday and ask if they have a DOS HDD diagnostics (or if WD's) will support their 10TB HDDs. If not...I'm afraid I'll be left deciding between WD's 7200rpm 10TB drives: Red Pro and Gold.
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  13. That is the only 10Tb drive HGST make according to this:
  14. @trafficMcbo @Mtoro_20 @BODoficial Firefox esta dando problemas con el envio de claves, prueba Chrome

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  16. Since WD doesn't make Blacks over 6TB, what's the fastest largest (which at the moment I believe is 10TB) desktop mechanical HDD? I vaguely recall reading that they haven't made larger Blacks because now they're is my answer an HGST drive (if so which)? Cost is a concern so I figure I'm looking for a consumer HDD not an Enterprise HDD. (I can swing $400 to $500, but not twice that.) I don't plan to use it in NAS or RAID, simply as a storage drive.
  17. J’ai toujours du mal avec Windows 10. Par rapport à Mac je trouve ça brouillon. Et dire qu’il y a quelques années j’etais anti-mac

  18. WD storage solutions are a staple for many consumers and often synonymous for reliability. As such, the new WD My Passport Ultra is another solid addition to the company’s large portfolio of portable drives. Though it doesn’t boast the speedy performance of an SSD, the new Ultra is meant as a backup solution for media professionals and consumers who don’t necessarily need the fastest option possible. It also offers the standard password protection with 256-bit AES hardware encryption as well as the company’s easy-to-use (yet versatile) automated backup software. The new My Passport Ultra also features a new spiffy metallic/plastic build that design-savvy consumers will certainly enjoy. WD My Passport Ultra Review (4TB)
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  20. @find_evil Not at gigabit speeds it doesn't. Best I ever got out of one of those was 85mbit

  21. RT @_CircusMaximus: @chillibeanboy @laurenduca Stiff competition with the Economist.

  22. Scan are out of stock of HGST drives now. I bought a OSO4005 which is in the post, but its the newer version of OSO3665, one of which I have already. I was looking for an identical drive to the one I have but amazon suggested a similar drive and it was a no brainer, newer version + double the 64Mb cache of older one.
  23. I have a OSO3665 and just bought the newest version OSO4005, both 4Tb size. Newer one has 128Mb cache. I had a choice of buying a recertified WD blue for £102 but got this for £126 (old version was £124) all on amazon. I think a review of the new drive which appeared in Feb 2017 according to userbenchmarks wouldn't be out of place.
  24. I think that's quite enough R for today. Time for a quick play/cuddle with the ferrets before bed :)

  25. The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 4360x is both massive in size and in storage capacity and provides SMBs and smaller enterprises with an impressive solution to their huge storage demands via its 60 drive bays. It can even scale to a 132-bay single-node network (using three ReadyNAS EDA2000 12-bay or EDA4000 24-bay expansion chassis), offering more than a petabyte in total storage. The RR4360X features a rugged, premium metal build with seamless access to the 60 drives via the top panel, which easily slides off with the press of two buttons. Like all NETGEAR NAS solutions, the RR4360X also comes bundled with ReadyNAS OS, a powerful, yet easy-to-use, data management software. NETGEAR ReadyNAS 4360X Review
  26. @PeterHollens Agreed! It's fantastic! I have it on loop often (yay for youtube looper extension).

  27. Looking at the numbers, NetApp is reporting revenue of $1.33 billion, down slightly from last quarter’s $1.48 billion, but up around 10% from the same time last year. GAAP net income was $136 million or $0.49/share, again down from last quarter some but up considerably from this time last year where net income was $64 million of $0.23/share. Non-GAAP net income was $173 million or $0.62/share up from this time last year where non-GAAP net income was $129 million or $0.46/share. For the next quarter NetApp is expected revenue between $1.31-1.46 billion and earnings per share of $0.47 - $0.55 (GAAP) and $0.64 - $0.72 (non-GAAP). NetApp Reports 1Q18 Earnings
  28. Cloud platforms typically come with expensive to own and maintain dedicated hardware and storage infrastructure. Druva is side stepping this issue by offering its platform in a as-a-Service model. Though a single control plane, companies will have global visibility and policy management across all their data due to the platforms ability to have server, endpoint, cloud workload, and application data, uniquely optimized as a single, globally de-duplicated data set, and natively managed in the cloud. The new platform also includes features such as time-indexed metadata, global scale-out de-duplication, auto-tiering, RESTful APIs for access and ecosystem integration, and highly elastic search and analytics capabilities. Druva Announces Its DMaaS Cloud Platform
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