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  2. Has anyone seen the reviews of the new Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller? The early benchmarks are very promising. The random performance looks promising. Nothing short of Optane and maybe Samsung Z-NAND is a competitor. It does have its weak points, but shows some promise. At least we have a marketplace that is not totally dominated right now by 1 company.
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  4. Hmmm it's at least eSATA, which means the internal disk is likely SATA, and I don't think you will run into any limits (some controllers may get confused with drives above 2TB and hence you could be SOL, but that's not likely). That said I don't think many people take apart old LaCie enclosures to swap the drive, so I'd say you're probably gonna have to chance it on this one.
  5. Hi, I have an old Quadra enclosure that suits my needs due to the FW800 connections. I want to put a new drive into it, 3TB or 4TB, but I can't find any info to see if this is okay to do. Can someone weigh in or provide a link to some info? Thanks
  6. AWS Storage Gateway has been available through both the AWS Management Console and as a VM for some time. Amazon is now offering this proven service as a physical hardware appliance as well for the US East (Northern Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon) and US West (Northern California) AWS regions. The hardware appliance can be set up in only a few minutes; a major convenience that might make Storage Gateway easier to use for teams that have a hard time finding the resources to set it up previously. Amazon Offers Rack Server Preloaded with AWS Storage Gateway
  7. It's a fair suggestion. Thankfully we've added some resources here so hopefully we can do better across the board.
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  9. seagate_surfer

    Seagate Releases 14TB Drives

    Thanks for sharing. Here's the blog entries we shared regarding 14TB: Overall release IronWolf & IronWolf Pro BarraCuda Pro SkyHawk
  10. seagate_surfer

    Seagate Fast SSD Review Discussion

    Thanks for sharing. Here's the data sheet if anyone wanted to look it over.
  11. I'm currently running an old(ish) dell poweredge 5150 server, running windows server 2012 r2. This started out as a home hobby system, only for a few users (5-10 or so). Over the years I've offloaded many of the services I was using the server to other devices, to the point where it's basically an overpowered file server. I'm starting to get controller errors, so I'm thinking its time to switch to something that is easier to administer and use. and newer. looking for something that can use my existing 3tb SATA WD Red drives, that can accept 8 3.5" drives, that can act as a windows domain controller (so I don't have to reconfigure all the devices that currently connect to the domain). I'd also like to keep it at around $2k or less. Anything else -- real time backup to cloud/another NAS (currently doing this with a small footprint windows client, would be nice to decommission that too), video surveillance (currently using blue iris) all nice but icing. I'm considering QNAP ts-873u-RP. Let me know if any thoughts
  12. Construction of the dedicated 3D flash memory fabrication facility began in February 2017 and has since been furnished with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing equipment deposition, etching, and other key production processes. Production of 96-layer 3D flash memory utilizing the new fab began earlier this month. Further investments for production expansion will be made in line with market trends. Toshiba & Western Digital Celebrate The Opening Of FAB 6 & Memory R&D Center In Yokkaichi, Japan
  13. Enabled by an extensible data workflow engine and advanced metadata search, Zenko provides users the ability to store, manage, and search data across multiple private and public clouds across a unified interface. Scality Announces Zenko 1.0
  14. continuum

    HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card Review

    That is something a review site can provide that the average consumer can't easily do/afford/justify him/herself, right? To provide useful comparison testing? (especially if you have the other cards on hand. If you don't then I can understand why you didn't do such a comparison!)
  15. NGX

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Awesome, good to know and thanks for the info @Kevin OBrien
  16. Kevin OBrien

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    If you have plans of only running hard drives, I don't think you will see any difference between those cards.
  17. No, this one specifically they asked for that due to the gaming focus. It's really just a usability segment anyway. Are you wondering if games would feel slower on the others?
  18. KACE SMA 9.0 (also known as the K1000) empowers IT admins to manage network-attached devices with one console; rather than multiple, disparate solutions. Through a single-pane-of-glass view, businesses can manage devices, manage security risks, address service tickets, and audit for compliance. IT admins can also ensure that software licensing is being used efficiently to avoid waste, and reduce the time and resources required for troubleshooting errors. A SysTray application has also been added to show the connection status of the agent for Windows and Mac and allows for restart of the agent or a forced inventory with just the click of a mouse. Additionally, KACE SMA’s updated user interface allows for light, dark or hybrid environments, allowing administrators to set their work environment to their personal preference which is a nice thought. Too few software vendors provide options for dark themed or low-light environment workstations. Quest Releases Version 9.0 KACE
  19. BOE

    12TB performance reviews?

    I don't know if this would help anyone as I may not have it tweaked to the best performance but to me this seems fast. This is 16 of the 12TB exo models connected to an adaptec 8160 controller in a RAID 5 config using 4 spider cables.
  20. NGX

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Hey all, I'm new to the forums and was hoping for a bit of guidance. I've recently picked up a Dell T610 for my house as a decent starter to my homelab and am looking to replace the current PERC 6/i it's running now with a H700 1GB cache. I was recommended to look at getting a 9265-8i instead for the increased performance. After doing some reading up on both cards and the pros and cons to each, I wanted to come here and ask the community what real gains I would see from using the 9265-8i over the H700 and if I would have any issues running this card in a T610. I'm aware that is runs a dual core chip and from what I gather it should run faster, but how much faster? I'm not having much luck locating any side by side comparisons. Here's what my configuration looks like if it will help: Disks: 3x Dell 600GB SAS 15k Model HUS156060VLS600 in RAID 5 for OS partition 5x Dell 2TB SAS 7.2K Model ST32000444SS in RAID 5 for Storage partition
  21. continuum

    HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card Review

    Were the competing cards also tested in the Switch?
  22. Overall, The HyperX Gaming line of microSD cards is a solid addition to the flash card storage market, particularly the growing gaming segment. Available in capacities up to 256GB, these gaming microSD cards start at $40. HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card Review
  23. Brian

    14TB performance reviews

    First set is done testing, second set should finish this weekend.
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  25. Though it might not be as fast as some of the other portable SSDs we've reviewed, the Seagate still boasts good performance that will suit pretty much any consumer or media professional need. It is also very affordable (currently listed as $126 USD on Amazon), has a reliable build and will sit nice and pretty alongside a workstation. Seagate Fast SSD Review
  26. Data centers process all types of queries now including voice, translations, images, videos, and various social media interactions. In order to address all of these different quires—that will require different types of neural networks—organizations need to leverage AI. NVIDIA’s new TensorRT Hyperscale Platform is a combination of hardware and software aimed at addressing the above issues. Leveraging Tesla T4 GPUs, based on the company’s Turing architecture, the new platform will be able to deliver high-performance with low latency for end-to-end applications. NVIDIA Launches AI Data Center Platform
  27. The two companies are co-developing new Lenovo ThinkSystem infrastructure that leverages Lenovo hardware and NetApp’s all-flash data management. These new products, the ThinkSystem DM and DE, will come in both hybrid and all-flash editions. The products will be sold through Lenovo’s supply chain, ranked in the top five by Gartner. Just to note, though these products are running NetApp’s data management, they will be Lenovo branded products. Lenovo Partners With NetApp To Aide With Digital Transformations
  28. Video technology is improving at a rapid rate. Video quality and visual effects have made tremendous leaps and bounds recently and legacy storage equipment has not been able to keep up. Companies can’t upgrade hardware every time these technologies improve but they can upgrade software. According to Qumulo, its new innovations can help studios eliminate SANs, client-side software, HBAs, and fibrechannel switches and cabling through its high-performance centralized uncompressed 4K and 6K video playback solutions. Instead studios will be enabled through 100% Ethernet environments with all-flash storage. The increase in performance means more editors can collaborate on a project at once, potentially increasing its time to finish and lowering costs. Qumulo Ups Performance & Lowers Costs For M&E
  29. Customers looking to accelerate their digital transformation should have everything they need in Lenovo’s SDI and SAN solution that come with Veeam’s Hyper-Availability Platform. The combined technologies are stated as simplifying IT, mitigating risks, while delivering intelligent data management that helps accelerate and expand organizations. These capabilities will help to reduce the costs of legacy infrastructure, virtualization and data protection management. The companies’ state that customers can see accelerated application development and deployment that would increase their ROI. The newly offered solutions have been validated by both Veeam And Lenovo, adding another level of assurance. Veeam & Lenovo Announce Global Partnership
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