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  2. I'm surprised that this is not faster than the majority of the competition. Perhaps as you note, that is because of the SSD 960 series being so strong. I wonder if the PCIe x8 version would be slightly faster. They say 6000 MB/s sequential read and 1,000,000 IOPs random read, so it is certainly possible. No improvements on the write speed though. I would love to see a SSD someday overtake the PCIe 3.0 x8 limits though (that Samsung isn't too far on the sequential though) - we may someday need a PCIe 3.0 x16 SSD! It is also likely that this is a TLC drive. All of Samsung's other "PM" drives are TLC, while the "SM" drivers are MLC. Still the PE cycles at 40nm 3D should more than adequate. Maybe an MLC drive would do better - both in endurance and performance. The difference should be comparable to the 960 Evo to Pro I'd guess, provided they both have the same percentage of overprovisioning. Overall, I'd say the Huawei ES3600P V3 and the HHHL ES3600C V3 are the top SSDs.
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  4. RT @Advil: 1. Pluto was declassified as a planet in 2006. Under Bush 2. From 2008-2016 NASA discovered well over 1284 new planets 3. You’…

  5. @hex2 ich glaube, du siehst eher meine SchwieMu :D Meine Mutter kann mit Social Media nix anfangen.

  6. RT @MathildeLAzou: Enorme : après Pogba et son dab, voilà Martin Fourcade qui fait son apparition dans un devoir de maths !…

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  8. Ouch! Cloud connected means remote wipe possible!

  9. Yeah, i will check with it. Thanks for your suggestions.....
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  11. Does your backplane actually have a SAS expander chip in it? Or is it just a backplane? If the backplane is just a plain backplane then using the correct cables should work. If your backplane actually has a SAS expander chip in it, then you would need to make sure your new HBA is compatible with the SAS expander chip in the backplane, and you would be limited by connection speeds supported by the backplane's SAS expander.
  12. With recent successes like Samsung's SATA-based PM863 as well as the SM863 (not to mention the prosumer Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD), we had great expectations for the company's new enterprise NVMe offering. Samsung's PM1725 is one of the newest members of a distinguished flash-storage legacy, although Samsung has not been actively promoting the PM1725 with the same enthusiasm as some of its other SSD releases, including the preceding XS1715. Samsung PM1725 SSD Review
  13. RT @allysonrobinson: You can say "happy fellow you" to the Pope, the Queen, and the Dalai Lama on @Twitter. But say it to @VP in defense of transge…

  14. @marcoarment Just got a Logitech K780; Getting the same behaviors you described out of the Surface keyboard…

  15. When you're filming at the best pub in the world you need the best storage. @GTechStorage @steppingstoneuk…

  16. @NBVCCalifornia Please spellcheck before you post!

  17. In that case, perhaps you can try this company: I've had quite a few conversations with Amarbir, the owner, on various chat forums. He seems to know his stuff.
  18. “The idea that farmers are out there ‘drenching’ their corn in glyphosate is one of the greatest…” — @welovegv

  19. With this new partnership users of NetBackup 8.0 will be able to tier their storage unto Azure. This can reduce costs by reducing the need for additional storage. SMBs that utilize Veritas Backup Exec 16 are now able to seamlessly backup data to Azure again reducing costs and saving time. The benefits of the partnership aren’t limited to customers, as Veritas itself is taking advantage of Azure to drive greater efficiencies for its own workloads. Azure will be the cloud backend of Veritas’ Enterprise service. Veritas & Microsoft Partner To Optimize The Cloud
  20. The new Diamanti D10 is the first platform that brings the efficiency of bare-metal containers to hyper-converged architecture. Diamanti claims the D10 can eliminate the I/O bottlenecks as well as the network and storage issues one would encounter in traditional infrastructure. The D10 comes pre-integrated with everything one would need for containerized applications such as container software, compute, networking and storage resources. The D10 also enforces an end-to-end quality-of-service from the CPU through the network to storage. Diamanti claims the D10 can reduce storage latencies to 100μs. Diamanti Ships First Bare-Metal HCI Container Platform & Raises $18M
  21. Сколько здесь градусов? В первом было пять…

  22. Between the two I'd go with what's cheapest Really though, they're quite similar mechanically. The NAS drives have more hours on them globally, may be a better choice from a reliability standpoint.
  23. Was considering that but I have an HTPC using Plex already which is on mostly 24/7 already because I use it with a cable card. After reading some more reviews I'm vexed on whether I should get a PR/EX4100 or the DS916+. Then again, I mainly need a NAS for storage and not much else but I'm guessing future proofing the DS916+ would be better?
  24. Hello everyone, I need to replace a bad drive on my HTPC and was wondering what my best option would be? I was thinking of a NAS drive because of the 24/7 a=feature but then saw the new surveillance drives and was wondering if these were better for my usage. I mainly use the HTPC for DVR purposes with WMC and the occasional web browsing. The OS is on a separate SSD and the drive I need to replace is mainly for DVR and media storage. Thanks for any response.
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  27. @OfficialONISM Umm, it has happened.

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