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  2. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for: Business Development Trainer #job

  3. RT @WesternDigiDC: We're looking forward to #SMPTE next week. See why we're excited & what you can expect in booth 307…

  4. Die Schweizer und ihre direkte Demokratie

  5. Thanks - good to know.
  6. @VadersStreams Web version is up.

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  8. @rhodri better visibility, like blue plasters used in food service. Not often you get blue food so they stand out

  9. Meh, that sucks. Probably worth working through with Seagate then.
  10. @reneritchie LG will supply screens for the iPhone X+ next year, better For Apple & LG they learn how to calibrate those screens ..

  11. stinker. Show.

  12. What exactly are you trying to do? How many Exchange databases do you have? This sounds very much like something you'd need to ask in an Exchange forum, not a storage forum, as it's fundamentally an Exchange implementation question.
  13. @find_evil What breed is he? You mentioned it to me - I forgot if this is the same one we talked about. Really re…

  14. @Zack_Metcalfe Zack, I'm doing a show on Brier Island and we discuss the Eastern Mountain Avens. We interviewed Nick Hill. Any HR photo?

  15. @reneritchie I can confirm, AdGuard prevents the polls appear, Just voted (you should run a twitter poll on this)

  16. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for: Sr. Release Engineer #job

  17. RT @JoStowasser: Als jemand, der im Krankenhaus arbeitet ist mir völlig klar: Mit "Halbgötter in Weiß" können nur Köche gemeint sein.

  18. SATA or SAS - will it matter?

    You won't see a performance difference in actual use. Pick a type and standardize on it for ease of maintenance later.
  19. Last week
  20. @xeni reposts are deeply misogynistic and racist

  21. Bikes ride significantly nicer after being maintained. Fancy that.

  22. RT @cheekytaylor79: The happy fellowing irony

  23. Data is becoming more and more valuable, big data has the feeling of a new gold rush. However, this value doesn’t stop at the company that owns it. It can be valuable to less scrupulous sources. Noting this, Seagate has launched its new Secure program aimed to protect drives with one of two feature sets, Essential and Certified, depending on the type of security and threats a company may face. Seagate Announces Seagate Secure Across Its Enterprise Datasphere Fleet
  24. So technically, Mae Jamison is the first Star Trek figure from Lego. <3

  25. Brian, Thanks for the reply. I've had a drive fail in my NAS and I was going to replace it with this one. After installing it, the NAS reported abnormal read/write errors on this new drive. The drive has been tested with Seagate's Seatools, WDC Data Lifeguard, and Crystal Disk Info, with no errors. The NAS has the same model drives with SN04 firmware installed and working flawlessly. After a little investigation on QNAP's compatibility page I found the attached.
  26. RT @Storagezilla: It's looking increasingly like Eiza González from Baby Driver is Catwoman in the new DC movies.

  27. The HP ZBook x2 is powered by quad-core Intel Core processors and NVIDIA Quadro Graphics and features double the memory of other detachable PCs. Moreover, HP has equipped their new workstation with a quiet, dual-fan active cooling system to dissipate heat from these powerful components. It also features a customizable, application-aware HP Quick Keys to provide artists with 18 time-saving shortcuts. HP ZBook x2 Detachable PC Announced
  28. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for: Director, Incentive Events #job

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