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  2. Best Android Phone of 2017 #Giveaway @androidauth - Enter Here:

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  4. Best way to nuke drives on RAID card

    Thanks for the reply. I just wrapped this up. I didn't get to do a "thorough," wipe, or as thorough as I wanted. I really wanted to use secure erase. It was actually, and apparently built into the RAID card BIOS, way cool! But it said drives not supported. Meh. I tried Hiren's BootCD, and it locked up getting into the Parted Magic App. Re-initializing the RAID groups, would have taken a day or more. Yeah, this RAID card isn't fantastic, some on-board thing, AMI or something? I just deleted the RAID groups, and called it a day. Mental note for the future, if you ain't billing for a couple days work onsite, it ain't worth it. ;-)
  5. While with most controllers that I have used I would just delete the array and then recreate it as JBOD then run DBAN, some Dell servers won't allow that but apparently will allow you to set each drive as a RAID0 and run DBAN like THIS guy describes.
  6. Controller for 4 8tb sas drives

    If you are sure that you will not expand beyond 4 disks *and* your HGST drives are 512e (not native 4k) you could consider an Adaptec 6405. I have a 6805 with 8 x 8TB He8 drives that works quite well as my backup storage to a newer 8805 setup. While Microsemi (now the Adaptec owner) has only done limited drive testing, HGST has a more extensive guide for their drives HERE. At one time I investigated using 4K native drives with the 6805 and found information that it would not work but have since lost the link. Newegg has the 6405 (which is 6Gb/s that I agree is more than adequate if you only use spinners) available for $269 after promo code HERE and then you will also need one Internal mini-SAS with power (SFF-8087 to SFF-8482) cable that is a 1 8087 to 4 SAS fanout cable and runs under $20 on Amazon and elsewhere.
  7. Both of the new NAS devices run Synology’s award winning DiskStation Manager (DSM). DSM can run as a virtual machine on Virtual Machine Manager via Virtual DSM. Synology goes on to state, that by separating multiple Virtual DSM virtual machines on a single Synology NAS, users can achieve NAS server virtualization while creating a highly resilient, easy-to-manage, and multi-tenant environment. Synology Releases FS1018, DS218, & Virtual Machine Manager
  8. Any of my friends not yet buying from naked wines want an £80 voucher? I get a tenner, you get £80 of really good w…

  9. The betas are public, you can download those if you like.
  10. Rodan and Fields, LLC is looking for: Sr. Manager, Salesforce Platform Operations #job

  11. @NatWest_Help Hey guys, if a person that's an expert in computer security says your website is insecure, I wouldn't…

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  13. I'm looking to wipe a couple of servers, and for a desktop the process is super easy. I'd either use something like DBAN, or Hiren's CD, or Parted Magic. Just boot into some DOS emulator, or linux, and away you go. But for a server that has a RAID card, how much pain will I be in, trying to get the RAID card recognized? It's basically just the onboard Intel RAID as part of the Dell server I'm working with. Ideally I'd use something with a secure erase option, because I can't stand waiting two days for a 3pass wipe... ;-)
  14. exited Philly December 13, 2017 at 04:54PM via iOS Location

  15. Everyone is now looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition. In recent years it has been discovered that extremely valuable insights can be gained through analytics. The new K2 App will not only give users actionable insight into real-time operational infrastructure it will do so by automatically streaming syslog, audits and log-on information into dashboards, alerts and reports. Kaminario & Splunk Partner To Accelerate Autonomous Data Center Deployment
  16. @svettes I am done. But seriously, you don't see the irony in *anyone* in the Drupal world giving a session in conf…

  17. @ant_pruitt the only audio book I have ever listened to. Over 20 times too ...

  18. The agreement means that Toshiba and WD will jointly invest in the state-of-the-art memory fabrication facility now under construction at Yokkaichi, Fab 6. Fab 6 will be devoted entirely to producing BiCS FLASH, 3D flash memory. The two companies will also work together on a new flash wafer fabrication facility, which will be constructed in Iwate, Japan. Toshiba & WD Stop Suing Each Other & Decide To Work Together
  19. @Parsival2112 @PkmnMasterHolly No, they don't. But the curfew is not at the same time all over the world. In the US…

  20. @noodlemaz @Storify funnily enough, I was thinking "what ever happened to posterous" the other day

  21. NVMe-oF is a network protocol enabling faster access between hosts and storage technologies. This protocol allows infrastructures to fully leverage the capacity and performance of NVMe SSDs. The certification of its NVMe-oF by UNH-IOL is Toshiba's first step in making NVMe-oF truly deployable in cloud data centers. Toshiba's Storage Node Software Obtains Industry-First NVMe-oF Certification
  22. RT @complexsplit: you're so right, motivational trash can.

  23. RT @business: Toshiba and Western Digital settle fight over chip unit sale

  24. Best Android Phone of 2017 #Giveaway @androidauth - Enter Here:

  25. C’est bien d’acheter un téléphone chinois comme le #OnePlus5 et #OnePlus5t mais pas de Netflix en HD parce que le t…

  26. @Tejari_UAE very nice and effective measures for procurement professionals.

  27. @realDonaldTrump Roll Tide!!

  28. apple missed the boat a little here...

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