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  2. The hard drive in my Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 died. I did some research, and purchased the Seagate 2.5 Firecuda, 1TB. After a few days, I ran the Seagate diagnostic tools, and it informed me that it has a error, should backup all of my information, and return it. Great.It is a 5400 RPM, and I'm wondering whether I should buy the same product, or get something like the HGST Travelstar 7K1000 2.5-Inch 1TB 7200 RPM or the WD Black. I'm not looking for a super quick boot up time, and I'm not gaming; just trying to 1) get the fastest overall system performance (I do have a tendency to multitask a lot, though) and 2) get something reliable (one reason I do like the Firecuda, despite getting a bum one now, is the 5 year warranty).I'm on a budget and can't afford something spectacular--looking at ~$80 or less.My understanding is that the two alternatives listed above are HDDs--no flash/SSHD. So basically: am I better off getting a 7200 RPM HDD or a 5400 RPM SSHD, for best performance? When I was researching this, I saw a few comments implying that if a SSHD wasn't at least 7200 RPM, it really wasn't worth it (but they might have just been grumps).By the way: I'm a little irked at the Seagate site and tools. When I checked for a firmware update, it didn't initially recognize my serial # (the one provided by Seagate tools itself); further, it says there is no new firmware available. But I never got any firmware, so far as I'm aware. It took the standard Windows 10 SATA driver (circa 2006!). I bought this directly from Amazon. I've read everything I could find about the drive, looked at videos on YouTube, etc., and haven't found anything about firmware. Just diagnostics and SeaTools (which provides backup solutions--provided you buy the full Acronis package).Anyone know off-hand if there is a different driver/firmware for this than the standard Microsoft driver? If so, where I can get it? Cuz sure looks like I can't get it on the Seagate site. Here are my system specs:*Satellite C55-C5241 (I know it's cheap and old, but the CPU etc. are fine; again--on a budget; my only real alternative would be finding some incredible deal given the processor I have, or else getting a Chromebook), i5-5200u 2.2ghz;*8GB 1600 Ghz RAM (considering upgrading if new storage doesn't improve performance);*Windows Home 10 x64.Oh--and it has a SATA III connection.Thanks for any help you can give!
  3. I have had this issue when running drives mirrored with storage spaces, and then later separated them. What happens is that both drives has the same drive ID, open disk manager and you can se something like that. What exactly i did to fix it im unsure of, but windows got confused about the drive states when they appeared identical in disk manager. So this is 100% a software issue. Make sure you delete both drives from spaces, and check disk manager if they are mirrored there.
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  5. As with many Dell PowerEdge solutions, the R630 is a versatile and feature-rich server platform. The PowerEdge R630 specifically, is ideal for a wide range of use cases in software-defined environments where the nodes fit a fixed configuration and generally remain static over the long haul. Users have the option of equipping the R630 with the latest Intel E5-2600 v4 CPUs, up to 1.5TB RAM and configurations with up to 24 1.8" SSDs (though our build was comprised of a 10-drive configuration). All of this is intelligently packed into a small 1U form factor. Size certainly doesn’t matter with the R630, however, as this server showed some impressive performance during our Sysbench and SQL Server tests despite its small physical footprint. Dell PowerEdge R630 Review
  6. I'd leave it alone and replace when it dies. Not worth the expense of sending it in.
  7. “I am too ignorant to read the article and see what they were convicted of” — FTFY.

  8. RT @mama2punkt0: Kind am allerersten Schultag abends: "So, der Montag wäre geschafft. Den kannst du jetzt durchstreichen auf dem Stundenpla…

  9. Twitter Moments: How to create them and how brands are using them via @smhackapp #TwitterMoments

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  11. @AymanSully @deadmau5 Ayman, learn to hyperfocal

  12. @PhonePeSupport Do you support USA phone number ?

  13. QNAP has its eye on the SMB/SME markets as it introduces the ES1640dc NAS. The NAS is 16-bay (160TB max capacity before expansion units are added) and comes with dual controllers, battery-backed with flush to NVRAM controller cache, as well deduplication and compression capabilities . Two of the main focuses of this NAS are its high availability through its active/active controllers, and its new enterprise operating system QES which brings with it rich enterprise features such as data-reduction, snapshots and end-to-end data integrity. QNAP ES1640dc NAS Review
  14. @agbiome is a great place to work; the people, culture, mission & technology are second to none. Wonderful to be re…

  15. The RS18017xs+ uses its hardware (Intel Xeon D-1531 six-core 2.2GHz processor—burst up to 2.7GHz—with up to 128GB of DDR4 ECC RDIMM memory) to power its performance. Synology is quoting the performance at more than 4,800MB/s sequential read throughput and sequential read IOPS of 568K (with 6 x 10GbE Link Aggregation enabled). The RS18017xs+ is a 2U rackmount NAS with 12 bays that support both 3.5” and 2.5” SAS or SATA drives. With the RX1217sas expansion unit the new NAS can scale up to 96 drives and with the RX2417sas it can scale up to 180 drives. On the networking side of things, the RS18017xs+ has two 10GBase-T and four 1GbE ports, with optional 10GbE Network Interface Cards (NIC) support. Synology Launches New RackStations & Expansion Units
  16. For a 500 GB drive I would not bother. Even in 2.5", sizes top out at 5 TB and SSDs are slowly exterminating the 500 size.
  17. My Synology NAS is claiming a SMART error on one HDD (ID 184 End to End error) I literally had 36 hours before my warranty was to be expired, and I ran seagate tools against it, and no errors were found on their extended test. The drive is a Momentus XT 500GB drive. I had two laying around doing nothing, and I popped them into the extra bays within my NAS just for more capacity for videos and such. The gist of Seagate's warranty policy was that you can only RMA a drive under warranty if the tool provided an error. No error, you would be on the hook for some costs in terms of diagnosis, drive repair or a refurbished drive. What do you guys think, Ignore it? Or "Danger Will Robinson, eject!" Currently I put those two drives in RAID 1 just in case. And it's just holding movies that I can always re-download.
  18. Exablox created scale-out NAS solutions based off of its innovative object storage architecture, such as their OneBlox Appliance. The company also had several Fortune 500 companies as customers. StorageCraft provides backup, disaster recovery, system migration, and data protection solutions as well as data analytics. The two companies technology compliment each other and will offer several combined benefits to their customers. The companies recognized their complementary benefits earlier on when they announced a distribution agreement. This agreement took StorageCraft’s software, ShadowProtect, and combined it with the above mentions OneBlox Appliance from Exablox. Exablox Acquired by StorageCraft
  19. On top of a stellar year for the company, Cumulus has decided to join the hardware game with the Cumulus Express. More and more companies are looking to adopt web-scale networking. Realizing this trend, Cumulus is providing a simple turn-key option to accelerate adoption. Cumulus Express is a switch that comes loaded with Cumulus Linux Network Operating System license. The Express also has a list of certified cables and optics for customers. Cumulus states that the Express comes with a complete portfolio of networking switches, ranging from 1G to 100G platforms. Cumulus Introduces Its Turn-Key Appliance, Cumulus Express
  20. 天下取り弁当@名古屋から神戸の新幹線内にて

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  23. Bath and body works calls it twisted peppermint. I call it candy cane farts. My wife calls me not funny.

  24. Ive been waiting for AGES to see a build like this. @Supermicro_SMCI @linusgsebastian @LinusTech @IntelStorage #nvme

  25. RT @BBC_TopGear: Meet the Tesla race car that’ll do 0-62mph in 2.1 seconds

  26. Gartner identified nearly 20 integrated systems providers in their October Magic Quadrant report. HPE and Simplivity of course are on that list, but so is most every other storage and server vendor, as well as several niche HCI players. What's interesting however as you dig through each vendor's press releases is that innovation in the HCI space has slowed to a crawl. Sure there are the typical customer wins and the like, but meaningful progress, in aggregate, isn't there. The scramble to gain mind share through innovation by startups a few years ago has stagnated as the smaller HCI vendors realize operating a profitable company after the first 1,000 customers is a lot different than disrupting an industry that's been slow to adopt change. Simplivity Deal Highlights HCI Market Bubble
  27. .@POTUS: Thank you for your service. We hope you’ll keep fighting to end extreme poverty. #thanksObama

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