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  3. OpenStack continues to be one of the most active open source projects, with 70K commits in the last year as well as 182 changes per day in the Rocky release. OpenStack is running on 10 million cores now, in a variety of use cases all over the world. OSF knows that there are a certain segment of users that will prefer open source for a myriad of reasons such as flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-in, and innovation. In order to spread the message OSF had ClearPath Strategies conduct a study that more or less proves the above points. The study also helps point OSF in its current direction of insuring better integration and implementation with its move to Open Infrastructure (infrastructure built on an integrated mix of open source components). The OSF is taking this one step further, rebranding the OpenStack Summit as the Open Infrastructure Summit beginning with the April 2019 Summit in Denver. OpenStack Summit Berlin On The Ground
  4. continuum

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    Quite a few drive makers have done periodic thermal or drive lube re-calibration in the past, seeing it on the Gold line doesn't surprise me, but the Black line does disappoint me a little if this is really widespread, since that's supposed to be a desktop drive... Even during sequential reads and writes would be very, very surprising tho...
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  6. Hello, WD force a new thing on newer drive Black and Gold line for sure but may be other hdd line. The head move each 5sec even during sequential read/write. Reply from WD support : "the noise you hear every 5 seconds is by design to prevent media lube build up due to prolonged dwelling at a single location" Idle or squential read, you can hear a noise of the head moving trough the whole drive and return to his position. Someone found a way for stop that or you just stop buying WD drive ? I'm almost sure that's just kill your drive quickly and cut the performance(latency) by lost the reading/writing track. Thank you
  7. Only a little over a year since the first generation was released and the new version is already boasting some significant improvements. The tiny looking stick includes a beefy Intel Movidius Myriad X Vision Processing Unit (VPU). Intel reports that the NCS2 with asynchronous plug-in enabled for two neural compute engines can process 8 times as many images per second as the previous generation. The new stick is also supported on a broader range of operating systems than its predecessor. Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (64 bit), CentOS 7.4 (64 bit), and Windows 10 (64 bit) can all host Intel NCS2. Like its predecessor, the NCS2 is designed to be used with the OpenVINO toolkit which currently supports TensorFlow, Caffe, & MXNet. Intel Releases Second Generation AI USB Stick
  8. Veritas trained their Predictive Insights AI on encrypted event data from thousands of Veritas appliances. One of the major obstacles facing creators of AI is finding a good training data set; Veritas’ in house data collection over the past three years puts them on firm footing in this regard. Based on this accumulated experience, Predictive Insights monitors system health to detect potential issues. A major concern when developing the new system was to avoid alert fatigue and highlight significant incidents. Some of the potential issues it raises alerts are: proactive maintenance, performance and capacity forecasting, and compliance determination. Veritas Technologies Launches Predictive Insights
  9. We've been using these a while, Kevin has 5-6 of them. Latest sounds like the app has gotten worse since the IPO unfortunately.
  10. I think reviewing should be left to us that have the product for a year or two. The Arlo cameras are horrible. The don’t start recording for at least ten seconds so anyone or anything that occurs is not recorded. After two years, they eat batteries at twelve every two weeks. Philippines Customer Service SUCKS! The Arlo Pro audio/video well unless you are within a foot, you’ll never hear the cameras speaker. This site is way too kind on their evaluation and seems to do “out of the box” reviews which is not useful!!!!!
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  12. continuum

    Toshiba P300 Warranty

    Where did you purchase the drive from? Was it sold as new, retail box? Was it sold as new OEM (bare drive)? Was it a system pull or sold in some other fashion? It's very possible the drive is new old stock and hence is past warranty, although the manufacturer date would seem to indicate against that. It's hence more likely the drive was sold as an OEM product without any warranty at all. If the drive was purchased new retail box then something's fishy...
  13. SpaceMaster

    Toshiba P300 Warranty

    Can anyone know why my HDD is not in the warranty period? Its manufactured Jul-2017 I think the HDD warranty is two years?
  14. Overall the XN5004T offers quite a bit of flexibility and performance in a small NAS. There's only a single SSD slot but QSAN makes the most of it, enabling dedupe, compression and caching, which is a nice inclusion for a 4-bay NAS. Further, the PCIe expansion slot enabled more use-case specific options like 10GbE. QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004T NAS Review
  15. For those attending Autodesk University, NVIDIA, booth C1201, will be demonstrating the Quadro RTX GPUs capabilities. Users are able to interact in real time with their complex designs and visual effects in ray-traced photo-realistic detail with increased throughput with rendering workloads, saving time and money. NVIDIA Introduces Quadro RTX 4000
  16. SonicWall Zero-Touch Deployment allows organizations to quickly configure firewall hardware at new locations without requiring costly on-site visits from IT staff. Once hardware is brought online in remote locations, administrators can manage it through a single pane-of-glass using Capture Security Center; SonicWall’s cloud-based management and analytics SaaS platform. SonicWall Updates for Enterprises
  17. The Ultrastar memory drive is drop-in ready and PCIe-device compatible with most Intel x86 servers. Available in 1TiB, 2TiB, and 4TiB, the solution requires no modifications to the operating system, system hardware, firmware or application stacks. WD recommendations a 1U server utilize no more than 24TiB of system memory from Ultrastar DC ME200 drives for in-memory compute clusters. Supported server interfaces are NVMe U.2 and PCIe AIC (add-in-card) HH-HL. Western Digital Announces Ultrastar Memory Drive
  18. NetApp released the impressive A200 all-flash array last year that earned one of our Editor’s Choice awards. The release of the more powerful NetApp AFF A300 doesn’t represent a replacement for the A200, it is a more powerful AFA for users that need additional capacity and performance. The A300 is a 3U form factor for the dual active-active controller setup, plus disk shelves. The A300 can pack quite a bit more capacity than it's smaller cousin: 140PB raw (560PB effective) in NAS and 70PB raw (280PB effective) as SAN. The A300 supports networking up to 40GbE and FC 32Gb. NetApp AFF A300 Review
  19. Kevin OBrien

    Eaton 5P1550GR UPS Review Discussion

    I added the runtime chart, Eaton lists out the variable timing based on load points.
  20. You missed it - Best of the QLC pack.
  21. We asked for one...
  22. continuum

    Lexar Announces 512GB A2 microSD Card

    Ooo, tempting. Price, while high, actually isn't that bad for a very top of the line flash card...
  23. continuum

    Eaton 5P1550GR UPS Review Discussion

    Is there a 110v version available? Looks like it's only 220v? Also there's no mention of runtime... or is that what the (unitless) "battery rating" is supposed to be? If so, since battery rating is unitless, could we get that explained? It's not immediately obvious...
  24. Is a Crucial P1 review in the works? It's the other QLC NVMe SSD...
  25. flyboydale54

    RAID using WD Velocity Raptor HD's:

    JaredDM: Western Digital (WD) tech support told me the timing circuits within the Velocity HD's are not suited for RAID because one will drop out and require rebuilding the array due to one being out of time with the other. That is the explaination they provided. They said only their RED Label WD HDD's are RAID Certified and only they are accurate timing circuit wise to work in harmony together for RAID. To answer another members question, the RAID is supported by the AMD 990FX Chipset on the Gigabyte Motherboard. I would have quite a time finding another one of these boards since everyone is out of stock of this motherboard. Since there is problems should a motherboard fail because the Chipset is tied to the RAID functionality, they you are saying if I ever do consider RAID, I should use one of those RAID Controller Boards that insert into one of the slots on the motherboard, just in case I should suffer a MB failure. I take it your implying, should I suffer a MB failure and I have an external RAID Card that can be removed from the MB and inserted into a different MB with a different chipset, then I would not lose my RAID Array and the information on the HDD's, and I would be able to use the RAID Controller Card and the RAID Configured HDD's in a new MB?
  26. The Eaton 5P1550GR UPS provides very reliable battery backup through its 6 power outlets and is designed for small to medium sized businesses. This unit is a great solution for protecting networking equipment, storage devices, servers, and workstations. Its small form factor with the ability to be mounted on a wall or inserted into an existing rack allows it to be easily integrated into any environment. Eaton 5P1550GR UPS Review
  27. Graphic demands are constantly evolving and data centers need to keep up. AMD’s new Radeon Instinct MI60 and MI50 accelerators are ready to address workloads such as HPC and deep learning through their flexible mixed-precision capabilities, powered by high-performance compute units. The new accelerators are designed to deliver higher levels of floating-point performance and greater efficiencies. From a performance perspective, they new GPUs leverage HBM2 with up to 1TB/s memory bandwidth speeds and support for PCIe 4.0 interconnect. AMD Announces 7nm Data Center GPUs
  28. AWS is offering its memory optimized (R5) and general purpose (M5 and T3) instances now featuring 2.5 GHz AMD EPYC processors. This results in a 10% costs savings. The costs savings is more attractive in the R5 instance where the AMD EPYC reduces the price per GB of memory while allowing users to run high performance databases, distributed web scale in-memory caches, mid-size in-memory databases, and real time big data analytics. AMD-based M5 and R5 instances are available in six sizes with up to 96 vCPUs and up to 768 GB of memory. AMD-based T3 instances will be available in 7 sizes with up to 8 vCPUs and 32 GB of memory. AWS Introduces AMD EPYC EC2 Instances
  29. After using the ViewSonic SC-T25 thin client for two weeks with Citrix-delivered applications and virtual desktops, we found the device to be a fast-booting, ultra-small thin client that is easy to configure. While we found the SC-T25 to work adequately with standard Office applications, graphic applications and videos did not display smoothly. Also, its 10/100MB ethernet connectivity may be inadequate if multiple displays are attached to it via the optional secondary monitor adapter, or if a user is displaying a lot of video. ViewSonic SC-T25 Citrix Workspace Hub Client Review
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