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Seagate SSHD vs. Samsung SSD

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#1 Drivesmecrazy



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Posted 22 March 2013 - 01:27 PM

So I need to upgrade the HD in my 4 year old laptop. My option are ->

1 - $130 - Seagate Hybrid SSHD - 1 TB
2 - $310 - Samsung 840 SSD - 500 GB

The laptop is my only computer and I use it for everything. However, I mainly use it for ->

1 - 90% of the time - I live in my web browser
2 - 40% of the time - I download large files or use P2P
3 - 10% of the time - I use other software - eg. word, movie player, etc...

There are times when I d/l and surf at the same time - my hd is working overdrive. Othertimes, not at all.

500 GB is bare minimum, of course 1T is much better.

My question is - Which would improve my life more? I'm concerned that the 5400 rpm of the Hybrid will have an effect on my downloading and transfering. However, is paying $180 more for 500GB less of space worth the difference in performance? I've lived with a standard HD for 4 years (and hated it), So I'm hoping to see some sort of improvement.

Any thoughts?


#2 dietrc70



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Posted 22 March 2013 - 06:39 PM

If you really want a significant improvement, than you should get a real SSD. Personally, I would consider using a 256MB 840 Pro combined with a 1TB external HDD and USB3 PC-card. Your laptop may permit you to replace the CD-ROM with an 2nd drive bay for a 1TB drive, and that could be another option.

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#3 Drivesmecrazy



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Posted 22 March 2013 - 10:02 PM


I already have a couple 1 TB external drives - and I'm looking in to a UBS3 PC-card. My Laptop has no CD/DVD drive so and second HDD is not an option (unfortunately). And I think it would be hard for me to use anything less than 500gb for my only internal drive.

I would like an improvement, but I *think* even a low end SSD would do miracles.

What my greatest concern is - will the 5400 rpm drive on the Seagate SSHD really cause slow downs if I'm working with lots of downloads and large files? Or will the 8GB memory and 64MB cache buffer the slower spin speed?

Thanks again.

#4 dietrc70



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Posted 24 March 2013 - 04:40 PM

I think there is a review on the site of the SSHD with benchmarks under different kinds of loads. Performance may vary a great deal depending on how you use the disk, and how intelligent the caching controllers on the SSHD are. I've not used one myself, but I've heard that they are often faster than platter drives, but don't have the radical improvement you get with nearly any SSD. If you are doing lots of downloads and working with large files, I don't think the caching will help you much, and you will be bottle-necked by the 5400 transfer speed.

You are right, any decent modern SSD will seem like magic: seconds to boot, seconds to load any program, no lags during multitasking, instant resume, completely silent, etc. Replacing the Scorpio Black on my new Lenovo T530 with a Samsung 830 was like getting a whole new computer.

You also might want to consider one of the newer 7200RPM Scorpio Blacks. Some of those are the fastest laptop platter drives available, and might give you a significant improvement over a four year old drive.

My gut feeling is that you should go with a big, fast, 7200RPM, or an SSD (possibly with a USB3 external drive) for what you are describing. And make sure your next laptop can hold two hard drives! (Sounds like you need them :))

#5 danwat1234



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Posted 25 March 2013 - 12:33 AM

I don't think it's known yet if the latest generation of Momentus XT (SSHD) drives do any write caching/buffering on the flash memory. If it does then P2P should work great on it. It's also not known if the 2nd gen Momentus XT (750GB 7200RPM) will get a firmware update to get write caching/buffering functionality. If it ever does I'd get a 750GB 7200 RPM drive because with the 3rd gen, the 8GB cache isn't enough to always hold everything you'll read or write so then you'll run into 5400RPM slowness sometimes. So I'd never get a 5400RPM hybrid drive unless maybe it supports write caching/buffering but not the other.

If you can't replace your optical drive with a big mechanical drive then I'd get a 750GB 7200RPM hybrid drive, probably good enough. Not worth the hassle of being tethered to an external with your laptop. If you don't have enough RAM then the laptop can still be slow with a hybrid but a full SSD can hide it.

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