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StorageReview Test Lab: Apple Mac Mini Discussion

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Kevin OBrien

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 10:09 AM

StorageReview has added a new Mac Mini to our test lab for enhanced compatibility testing for 2.5" consumer SSDs and benchmarking new Thunderbolt storage solutions. While most SSD buyers are Windows users, there is still a strong base of Mac owners who want to ensure an SSD is compatible with their system before going through the agony of upgrading and finding out the hard way that the drive either doesn't work, or performs at a level that is not expected. StorageReview will be including Mac-based benchmarks on all client SSDs going forward using this platform. On the Thunderbolt side, site editor's felt it was important to have a stable and consistent platform for testing, with the same rigor we apply to other reviews.

StorageReview Test Lab: Apple Mac Mini

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:33 AM

Dear MacMini-Drive -extenders,

we have put SSDs as second drives to the MacMini 2012, which runs at 6Gbit.

Therefore we had to retrieve the cables; internal cables, not a long test-cable as in the article.

We tried cables from iFixit, nonane china and (untested yet) OWC.


Problems occurred:


The 6Mbit seems a real problem for the cables!


Data-flow gets stalled often (time-outs for up to 20sec) when the chinese cables are in use at 6Gbit; and once this also happens with the iFixit-cable, which looks similar.

3Gbit seems to work fine.


We will now test the OWC-cable and I will post the results.

The OWC-cable we have has a completely different look, color and it seems to have more vias for the ground, which might (hopefully) help at high frequency!


Because we can only now warn - 6Gbit is not an easy task for 3rd party replacement cables!



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Posted 22 August 2014 - 04:16 AM

Hi again,

as promised I verified the usage of 6Gbit/sec drives on the OWC-replacement SATA-cable and it FAILED!

As a result I can finally say that if you need to put a 6Gbit-drive into a mac mini you ought to connect it to the original Apple-cable and only put a 3Gbit-drive onto the replacement-cables that I tested!


No other way.


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